Cover Reveal: Trust Me, I'm Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer + Giveaway (International)


Ready for the first cover reveal of the new year? 

Today we're celebrating the cover for TRUST ME, I'M LYING by Mary Elizabeth Summer, releasing October 14, 2014 from Delacorte Press. Before we get to the cover, here's a message from Mary Elizabeth:


Felicitations, YABCers!

It’s been a crazy amazing holiday season for this grateful author. So much so that I simply must cap it off with an authorial pyrotechnics show of epic proportions. 

When I first saw the cover art for my debut YA suspense TRUST ME, I’M LYING, I fell out of my chair (which was actually kind of embarrassing since I was at work). It will no doubt have a similar effect on you, since it is a grab-you-by-the-eyeballs-and-not-let-go kind of cover! I couldn’t ask for a more fitting front to my con-artist confession story. And I must lay all adoration, glory, and homage at the feet of the phenomenal photographer Carrie Schechter, as well as the visionary creationators in the Delacorte art department, specifically Heather Daugherty, the best designer a slightly evil teenage fixer could hope for.

So without further commentary from the peanut gallery, I leave you with a firecracker of a cover. Boom.

~ Mary Elizabeth Summer (TRUST ME, I’M LYING, Delacorte Press)




Ready to see?

Scroll, YABCers! Scroll!


































Here it is!


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bt Mary Elizabeth Summer
Release date: October 14, 2014
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN: 9780385744065 (hardcover); 9780385382885 (ebook)

About the book

Julep Dupree is good at telling lies. She has to be if she wants to stay at St. Agatha’s, the swanky private school where she runs petty scams that earn her tuition money. Luckily, deception is just part of the family business.

But when Julep comes home to a ransacked apartment and her con artist father missing, things get serious fast. Tyler Richland, a senior with a hotness factor approaching solar levels, offers his help, and suddenly Julep’s life gets even messier. She has to follow a trail of clues through a maze of creepy stalkers, hit attempts, and family secrets. Julep is in way over her head . . . but that’s not going to stop her from using every trick in the book to find her dad before his mark finds her. Because that would be criminal.


Our Thoughts

Two words: BAD. ASS. 

Also, I want her pistol necklace. Delacorte art department, can I haz? ;-)


b2ap3_thumbnail_MES4_8-12-13medium.jpgAbout the Author

Mary Elizabeth Summer contributes to the delinquency of minors by writing books about unruly teenagers with criminal leanings. She has a BA in creative writing from Wells College, and her philosophy on life is "you can never go wrong with sriracha sauce." She lives in Portland Oregon with her partner, their daughter, and their evil overlor—er, cat. TRUST ME, I'M LYING is her debut novel.

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