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Today we're excited to celebrate the cover reveal for The Invasion by Peadar O' Guilin, releasing March 2018, from Scholastic.


Before we get to the cover, here's a note from Peadar:


Hello, YABC, this is Peadar O’Guilin, all the way over in Ireland. Last year, I wrote The Call. I filled the pages with characters and then, one at a time, or in groups, started murdering them. Sadly, I didn’t get around to killing them all, so I was asked to write another book. Something bigger; something more... more *thorough*. The story is now complete, and today we get to see its dark and creepy cover. The Sídhe are coming home. They can’t wait to meet you!





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The Invasion
By: Peadar O' Guilin

Release date: March 2018

Publisher: Scholastic Publishing




About the Book

After so much danger, Nessa and Anto can finally dream of a happy life. But the terrible attack on their school has created a witch-hunt for traitors -- boys and girls who survived the Call only by making deals with the enemy. To the authorities, Nessa's guilt is obvious. Her punishment is to be sent back to the nightmare of the Grey Land for the rest of her life. The Sídhe are waiting, and they have a very special fate planned for her.


Meanwhile, with the help of a real traitor, the enemy come pouring into Ireland at the head of a terrifying army. Every human they capture becomes a weapon. Anto and the last students of his old school must find a way to strike a blow at the invaders before they lose their lives, or even worse, their minds. But with every moment Anto is confronted with more evidence of Nessa's guilt.

For Nessa, the thought of seeing Anto again is the only thing keeping her alive. But if she escapes, and if she can find him, surely he is duty-bound to kill her...




About the Author

Irish writer Peadar Ó Guilín is the author of the YA novel, The Call, inspired by the beautiful northwest of Ireland where he grew up.

In September 2007, Peadar published his first novel, The Inferior, which the Times Educational Supplement called "a stark, dark tale, written with great energy and confidence and some arresting reflections on human nature."  Foreign editors liked it too, and over the coming year it is to be translated into eight languages, including Japanese and Korean.

His fantasy and SF short stories have appeared in numerous venues, including Black Gate magazine and an anthology celebrating the best of the iconic Weird Tales.  He is currently working on a sequel to The Call.



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