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Kids Review: Always Everly (Nate Wragg)

About this Book: A little evergreen tree learns that self-acceptance and being yourself never goes out of season in this irresistible picture book that’s perfect for fans of Jory John and Pete Oswald’s The Cool Bean and Michael Hall’s Red. One spring, a pine tree named Everly sprouts in the woods...
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Middle Grade Review: The Robber Girl (Franny Billingsley)

About This Book: Part literary mystery, part magical tour de force—an incantatory novel of fierce beauty, lyricism, and originality from a National Book Award Finalist A brilliant puzzle of a book from the author of Chime and The Folk Keeper plunges us into the vulnerable psyche of one of the most...
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Featured Review: Lies My Memory Told Me (Sacha Wunsch)

About This Book: From the thrilling voice of Sacha Wunsch comes a heart-stopping psychological mystery in a world where memories can be shared—and one girl can’t trust any of them. Enhanced Memory changed everything. By sharing someone else’s memory, you can experience anything and everything with no risk at all: learn...
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Sneak Peak Excerpt: Fragments: Journeys from Isolation to Connection (Maura Pierlot), plus Giveaway! (~International)

Maura portrait at desk
Today we get a sneak peak at an excerpt from Fragments   by Maura Pierlot! Read on for more about Maura, her book, and a giveaway!     Meet Maura Pierlot! Maura Pierlot is an award-winning author and playwright who hails from New York, but has called Canberra, Australia home since...
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Irma Jurejevčič
I love the cover, it suits the title of the book. And the synopsys is very captivating.
Wednesday, 24 November 2021 15:07
Danielle Hammelef
The cover matches the synopsis well. This book sounds intriguing.
Friday, 26 November 2021 13:09
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YABC Staff's Current Reads ~ November 1, 2021


Hello YABC'ers! Welcome to the weekly post by the Staff at YA Books Central called Current Reads Monday! We love everything bookish and just wanted to share with our readers what books we are currently reading and obsessing about! So check out what books the YABC Staff are currently reading below...
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Featured Review: The Death of Jane Lawrence (Caitlin Starling)

About This Book: Practical, unassuming Jane Shoringfield has done the calculations, and decided that the most secure path forward is this: a husband, in a marriage of convenience, who will allow her to remain independent and occupied with meaningful work. Her first choice, the dashing but reclusive doctor Augustine Lawrence, agrees...
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Kids Review: Olwen Finds Her Wings (Nora Surojegin)

About This Book: Olwen the baby owl isn't happy. Sitting on her branch is boring. What else can little owls do? Olwen longs to be just like hare, squirrel and bear but no matter how hard she tries she can't hop, scamper or roar. That's not what owls do. But the...
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Middle Grade Review: Hannah and the Hobgoblins (Deborah Hunt)

About this Book:  When Aunt Agatha sends Hannah a book about the Connemara Witches strange things begin to happen. Hannah has no idea that she comes from a family of witches but on her 12th birthday, she is shocked to learn that she is a Grand Witch and must go to...
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Kids Review: The Children's Moon (Jim LaMarche)

About This Book: There once was a time when the sun alone ruled the day, the moon graced the night, and little children were sent to bed before sunset. Then early one dawn, the moon heard sounds of children laughing, and she yearned to see them by daylight. "Certainly not!" snapped...
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Middle Grade Review: Final Season (Tim Green)

About This Book: F rom New York Times bestselling author and former NFL player Tim Green comes a gripping, deeply personal standalone football novel about a star middle school quarterback faced with a life-changing decision after his dad is diagnosed with ALS. Perfect for fans of Mike Lupica! With two all-star...
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