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Exclusive Trailer Reveal: Black Canary: Ignite (Meg Cabot), Plus Giveaway!


Today we're excited to share the trailer for Black Canary: Ignite ! Read on for more about author Meg Cabot, and her book, plus the trailer & giveaway!     Meet Meg Cabot ! Meg Cabot is an award-winning author. Her books for adults, teens and tweens have included multiple #1 New...
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Zachary Snyder
This book looks awesome, can't wait to read it! Hope I win!
Wednesday, 06 November 2019 12:38
Debra Branigan
Cover fits the book. Storyline sounds great. Best wishes on the new release. Thanks for sharing this one.
Friday, 08 November 2019 18:05
Danielle Hammelef
The cover is fun and bright and the synopsis sounds exciting.
Sunday, 24 November 2019 14:11
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Exclusive Trailer Reveal: The Kilwade Tragedy (Terry Keys), Plus Giveaway!


Today we're excited to share the trailer for  The Kilwade Tragedy ! Read on for more about author Terry Keys, and his book, plus the trailer & giveaway!     Meet  Terry Keys ! USA TODAY Bestselling author Terry Keys is an award winning novelist, songwriter, and poet. His first novel...
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Pre-Order Kickoff & Giveaway for The Miraculous (Jess Redman)! ~ (US Only)


INTRODUCTION TO PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN LAUNCH POST WITH VIDEO LINKS:   Hi, YABC readers! Today, I’m launching the pre-order campaign for my middle-grade magical contemporary THE MIRACULOUS! THE MIRACULOUS is a story about a miracle-collecting boy, a cape-wearing girl, a maybe-witch in a maybe-magical house, and a journey filled with adventure, friendship,...
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Acacia hary
Very good video, with lots of interesting and interesting details. I really like your share, hope that you will have many interest... Read More
Saturday, 22 June 2019 03:37
Kate Merolla
Wow, what a lovely cover! And honestly I just have some random impressions to share regarding it. First, its coloring, the charact... Read More
Wednesday, 26 June 2019 07:44
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Exclusive Trailer Reveal: High Flying (Kaylin McFarren), Plus Giveaway!


Today we're excited to share the trailer for  High Flying (Kaylin McFarren) ! Read on for more about author Kaylin, and her book, plus the trailer & giveaway!       Meet Kaylin McFarren ! KAYLIN MCFARREN has received more than forty national literary awards, in addition to a prestigious Golden...
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Carrie Edmunds
The synopsis makes the book sound exciting and the cover is striking.
Monday, 27 May 2019 19:44
Danielle Hammelef
The cover is perfect for the book and shows the promised action and peril described in the exciting synopsis.
Sunday, 09 June 2019 08:16
Penny Olson
The cover is really exciting. I like time travel action adventures like this.
Monday, 10 June 2019 23:37
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Exclusive Trailer Reveal: The Blood Spell (CJ Redwine), Plus Special Pre-Order Offer!


Today we're excited to share the trailer for The Blood Spell (CJ Redwine) ! Read on for more about author CJ Redwine, and her book, plus the trailer & a special pre-order offer!       Meet CJ Redwine! C.J. Redwine is the New York Times bestselling author of YA fantasy...
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Exclusive Trailer Reveal: The Afterlife Of Holly Chase (Cynthia Hand), Plus Giveaway!


Today we're excited to share the trailer for The Afterlife Of Holly Chase (Cynthia Hand) !   Read on for more about author Cynthia Hand, and her book, plus the trailer & giveaway! Meet Cynthia Hand ! Cynthia Hand is the New York Times bestselling author of several books for teens,...
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Tiffany Engler
I love this cover! This book sounds amazing!
Friday, 30 November 2018 10:03
Andrea H
The cover is very wintry and festive. I love it! Also, I think this book sounds cool. An interesting twist on Dickens' A Christmas... Read More
Friday, 30 November 2018 14:14
Debra Branigan
The cover has the holiday vibe which is great. The synopsis sounds fun. I look forward to reading this twist on Mr. Dicken's littl... Read More
Friday, 30 November 2018 20:40
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Exclusive Trailer Reveal: The Underneath (Kathi Appelt), Plus Author Chat & Giveaway!


Today we're excited to share the trailer for  The Underneath ! Read on for more about author Kathi Appelt and her book, plus the trailer, an interview & giveaway!         Meet  Kathi Underneath ! Kathi Appelt is the New York Times best-selling author of more than forty books...
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Exclusive Trailer Reveal: Mercy Rule (Tom Leveen), Plus Giveaway!


Today we're excited to share the trailer for Mercy Rule!

Read on for more about author Tom Leveen, and his book, plus the trailer & giveaway!



Meet Tom Leveen!

Tom Leveen is the author of nine teen novels, including his most recent titles Hellworld and Shackled; Zero, an ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults 2013; and Sick, a YALSA Quick Pick 2014. He is a former high school teacher, a rocking and frequent speaker at schools and conferences, and an advocate against teen bullying and suicide. Tom lives and writes full-time in Phoenix, Arizona.


Website * Facebook * Twitter 




Meet Mercy Rule!

Danny’s parents yanked him out of art school, his real school. Now he’s starting sophomore year at the public high school. The only good thing about this school is Cadence, a cute freshman who loves punk rock. But even meeting her can’t make up for all the crap he gets from the meat-head athleaders.

Brady just wants to get out. Go to college, play football, maybe reach the NFL. He definitely wants to stop waiting for his deadbeat mother to get it together. It all adds up to a lot of stress. So who can really blame him when he and the football team turn their aggressions on the new freak?

Coach turns a blind eye to his players’ infractions—because this year, they’re going to States. But maybe if Coach had paid more attention, he could have caught it before it all happened. Maybe it could have been avoided.


With quick cuts between a large cast of unforgettable characters, and razor-sharp plotting, Tom Leveen takes readers on a countdown to an inevitable, horrifying act. This gripping novel offers an intense, smart perspective on the tragic, toxic mindsets behind the celebrated American sport and the monsters it creates.



Amazon * B & N Indiebound




~ Exclusive Trailer Reveal ~








Mercy Rule

By: Tom Leveen

Publishing Date: February 20th, 2018 

Publisher: Sky Pony Press





 Three winners will receive a copy of Mercy Rule (Tom Leveen) US Only


*Click the Rafflecopter link below to enter the giveaway*


a Rafflecopter giveaway




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Recent Comments
Dianna G.
The cover didn't stand out to me until I read the synopsis. When I realized it was supposed to be a scoreboard, it made sense. T... Read More
Tuesday, 16 January 2018 20:15
Hannah Ens
Looks pretty interesting, I like the dark/light contrast of the cover and the subtle sports/scoreboard look.
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 17:02
Precious J Hernandez
Based on the synopsis, I can tell we’re in for an intense read. Definitely seems like a book worth reading with some important the... Read More
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 22:09
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Exclusive Trailer Reveal: The Dark Intercept by Julia Keller, Plus Giveaway!


Today we're excited to share the trailer for  The Dark Intercept ! Read on for more about author Julia Keller, and her book, plus the trailer & giveaway!       Meet Julia Keller ! JULIA KELLER, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and former cultural critic at the Chicago Tribune, is the...
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Recent Comments
I think the cover looks science fiction-y and intriguing! And if the state controlled my emotions--boy, I'd be mad!
Thursday, 02 November 2017 18:36
I like the story and the cover. I would love to read this!
Monday, 06 November 2017 21:24
Kara S
the plot is compelling -- the cover signals without any doubt that julia keller is doing something different with this novel. Tha... Read More
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 10:17
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Book Trailer Reveal: Eve of the Pharaoh (Book One in the Era of Shadows Series) by R.M. Schultz


Today we're excited to reveal the book trailer for  Eve of the Pharaoh   by R.M. Schultz! Read on for more about R.M. and his book!     Meet R.M. Schultz!     R.M. Schultz has been enthralled with ancient  Egypt and its lost secrets for decades. This is  his first...
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