Welcome to our monthly special feature post, Bookstagrammer Of The Month!

Each month we will be interviewing a different Bookstagrammer  (Book lover/photographer on Instagram) who will share with us a bit of their experience with the #Bookstagram community!

Introducing Isabel of @pagesofisabel, YABC's Bookstagrammer of the Month!! 


My name is Isabel, I’m 19 and I’m from the drizzly Portland OR. I go to college on a pre-medicine track with a major (hopefully) in writing. I teach piano for some extra money. Aside from piano (which i have played for 13 years) I have also picked up the guitar and violin. I hope to continue growing my bookstagram and hopefully one day transition my love of books into something more. Maybe own a little bookshop or write a book of my own!

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How long have you been part of the Bookstagram community?

I just started my bookstagram In June of this year! I went on holiday in Europe and I started to read Call Me By Your Name and I felt like I didn’t have anyone to share with! So I thought, why not try Instagram and i found this great community! So I turned my personal account into a bookstagram!


Can you tell us a bit about your feed/style and how has it changed
over time?

Well more recently I learned how to edit photos  properly with apps like, VSCO and Picsart. I have also learned that keeping a color prominent in most photos really ties it all in and creates a sort of flow! My old pictures didn’t have that sort of harmony. Also, I have recently kept up with some flatlays, but in the future I hope to expand my horizons to something’s other than flatlays.


What is the silliest thing you've ever done for the sake of a photo?

Okay! This actually cracks me up, it’s not like wild but my mum and I laugh about it all the time. One time I used a pie in a picture (because I was trying to be cool like @thereaderandthechef aka you) and I really can’t bake, I burn toast! And so I made my mom buy me a pie and everyone was saying how good it looked but i never told anyone It was store bought!

When do you make time for taking photos? Do you usually plan ahead or take photos as you go (daily)?

Well I work from home at the moment, so I have had an easy time figuring out when to take pictures. I have a pretty free schedule. At times I take a few different ones a day but other times I just take photos as I go. I’m not sure what I’ll do with school starting up again! Probably take a weeks worth of photos on the weekends/not busy days. It’ll take a lot more planning!

 What type of camera do you use?

I just use my iPhone 6S but sadly it’s going down the tubes so I’ll probably have to buy a new phone and I am currently saving up for a fancy digital camera but until then my phone will work! That’s the great thing about phones now a days! You can get such high quality photos!


What are some of your favorite props (besides books, of course ;))?

Definitely twinkle lights!!! And recently fake flowers! They turn out so well in pictures (but it turns out fake flowers are kind of expensive!) also bookmarks and old pages from books ! I used to use the pages as a background.


What book/series do you tend to photograph the most?

A few series I photograph the most are probably six of crows ! I have a lot of six of crows merch thanks to a few subscription boxes. Also the raven cycle, a favorite series of mine and I love taking pictures of those! And of course,  Harry Potter. I adore Harry Potter and have been collecting HP merch for years!


Which of your photos is your absolute favorite and why?

Well I have 2 the first one is the raven boys inspired photo with the silhouette bookmarks. I just loved incorporating those! My other favorite is the caraval photo and I placed a wreath behind it, with the orange  colored leaves and I just though it had some lovely autumn vibes.

What is the thing you love most about Bookstagramming?

Finding people I share a love of books with! I have made so many incredible friends and I actually have people to talk about all of my favorite books with!!

What are a few of your favorite Bookstagram accounts?

Well a few of my all time favorite bookstagram accounts that I draw inspiration from are:

@thereaderandthechef (obviously, I do on the occasion fangirl

@tiny.scribbler (major fall vibes atm)

@candlelightreads (beautiful like pale photos which I just keep scrolling through all day)


The cookie pizza was most definitely inspired by your cookie pizza

Thank you so much for stopping by YABC, Isabel! Loved your answers and we love your account as well! We cannot wait to see more of your beautiful photos on #bookstagram! ♥