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Meet Lucienne Diver!

 Lucienne Diver is the author of Vamped young adult series (think Clueless meets Buffy) and the Latter-Day Olympians urban fantasy series from Samhain, which Long and Short Reviews called “a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan”. Her short stories have appeared in the KICKING IT anthology edited by Faith Hunter and Kalayna Price (Roc Books), the STRIP-MAULED and FANGS FOR THE MAMMARIES anthologies edited by Esther Friesner (Baen Books) and her essay “Abuse” was published in DEAR BULLY: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories (HarperCollins). More information can be found on her website: .
Meet Fangdemonium!

Fanged and fabulous…and hunted.

Gina Covella, fashionista of the fanged, and her entourage are primed to reveal the existence of vampires on the popular Ghouligans television show, when their former federal handlers swoop in to shut them down and imprison the vamps in one of their super secret testing facilities. Or not so secret, as the gang knows all about the horror hospitals and has sworn to take them down.
Their daring escape runs them right into the arms of “the resistance”—a group of humans and vampires who’ve joined together to stop the fighting that’s made Gina and her boy Bobby’s hometown a bloody battlefield. Going home brings them back to old nemeses as well, including the psycho psychic who declared Gina “chaos” and Bobby “the key”. They hope he’ll unlock the secret of stopping the Feds’s freakshow experiments for good, because they’re building up to something big. Huge. And they’re consolidating their power in the Big Easy, aka New Orleans, where what’s cooking is nothing less than the final showdown.


A Chat with Lucienne Diver:

1. What gave you the inspiration to write this book?
The fact that I left things unfinished at the end of Book #4,
Fangtabulous. I don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read the earlier books, but as the series develops, my characters find themselves caught in a kind of war between the fangs and the feds. Neither side is innocent. Both need to be stopped in one way or another. They set that goal, but there are a lot of battles on the way to the final showdown. I wanted to take things all the way to their conclusion. Plus, there were characters I'd left in the lurch, and my fans let me know it!

2. Who is your favorite character in the book?
I'm always so torn. I love my POV character, of course—Gina Covello, fashionista of the fanged. She's so sure of herself, and without that self- doubt, she's so quick to action, for better or for worse. I love that about her, as well as watching her grow along the way. But I also love Bobby, her geek-chic boyfriend, always ready to spout facts, figures, and sci-fi references. With his brilliance and bright blue eyes, he owes a certain something to my own leading man.

3. Which came first, the title or the novel?
The novel. I'm generally terrible with titles. After
Vamped and Revamped, I had to switch over to Fangtastic and Fangtabulous. Then I was stumped. Where else could I slip in that ghoulish little "g"? I was thrilled when I came up with Fangdemonium. I almost have to stop the series here in title self-defense!

4. What scene in the book are you most proud of, and why?
I'm proud of any scene involving Alistaire, my psycho-psychic. Creepy- cuddly isn't an easy balance—and maybe "cuddly" isn't exactly the right word—but he's been twisted, mentally and physically. He means well...ish. But he's kind of the ultimate predator, and he does like to play with his food. He's absolutely not the kind of character you bring home to meet your mother.

5. Thinking way back to the beginning, what’s the most important thing you've learned as a writer from then to now?
I've learned a lot about depth of character and about how to put that on the page. When I read back through my earlier books to update them for reissue, I realized that there was a lot that I thought I'd laid out that I hadn't. Not really. I knew the characters so well that somehow I just

expected the reader to know and love them as I did, but there were things that had never made it from my brain to the page. I wanted the books to remain true to their original vision, but I also did a bit of tweaking as I went, and hopefully, they're the better for it.

6. What new release book are you looking most forward to in 2017? Rachel Caine's new Great Library novel, Ash and Quill, is out in July, as is Kara Connolly's No Good Deed. I'm super excited about both releases!

7. What was your favorite book in 2016?
That's tough. I have so little time to read for pleasure anymore that I don't always read books in their publication year, but some recent favorites:
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, Uprooted by Naomi Novik and The Sin-Eater's Daughter by Melinda Salisbury.

8. What’s up next for you?
My young adult suspense novel,
Faultlines, came out late last year. I have another suspense novel, The Countdown Club, waiting in the wings, and a third calling to be written right now, so I think that's where I'll go next.

9. What would you say is your superpower?
I asked my husband, who says it's vacation planning. LOL, I guess that's not so bad. I do like to do my own research and plan self-conducted vacations where possible, and so far they've all been marvelous adventures. We've been to Scotland, England, Ireland, Mexico, and Greece. As I type, I'm in an airport waiting to board a plane for Italy with my family! 




“We didn’t get away clean,” he said. “We’ve got a tail. No chatter on the scanner, so they’re keeping it off the airwaves.”

“Feds?” Imanyi asked.

“Dark sedan, tinted windows. Looks like Feds to me. If they set up a cordon of the area, we’re screwed.”

“We can’t meet up with the others sporting a tail. You’ve got to lose them.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” His voice was tight, like before, but this time there was a note of excitement, I thought, as if he welcomed the opportunity to thwart the feebs. In the moment, maybe he wasn’t considering the consequences of failure. Or maybe he’d lost enough that those consequences didn’t have any meaning. I didn’t think now was the time to discuss.

One hard turn of the wheel and Bobby and Marcy careened into me, slamming me against the door of the van as we took a turn on two wheels. You would have sworn Imanyi was the one with the vampire reflexes, the way she instantly braced herself. Or maybe she was just used to David’s driving. Almost immediately the van came down on four wheels again, only to torque the other way as David came to a new cross street and took the turn. I landed on top of Marcy and we all rolled to the far side of the van and then started sliding toward the back as David accelerated like he was vying for first place in the Indy 500. I alligator-crawled toward the front until I could wrap my arms around the passenger’s side seat and pull myself into it.

David took another turn, a hard left and then another, and I just barely kept my head from smashing into the window. 

There were emergency lights ahead of us and the red of brake lights. “Crap!” David said, yanking the car across two lanes of traffic to get to the median. The rumble strips clacked my teeth together, but I braced myself on the dashboard as David pulled a U-turn straight over the median and flew back the way we’d come. I didn’t see the dark sedan in the lanes we’d left, but at our speed I’d have been lucky to recognize my own mother.



By: Lucienne Diver

Release Date: July 17, 2017


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