Author Top 5 with Kris Dinnison

Author Top 5 with Kris Dinnison


Today we welcome Kris Dinnison to YABC! Kris's new book, You and Me and Him will make it's debut July 7th! This contemporary read follows the style of both Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan, and we can't wait to read it! But until then, Kris is sharing a little bit about her, the book, and the top five things that fuel her writing. 



Meet Kris.


Kris Dinnison learned to read when she was five years old. She grew up reading books nobody else had read and listening to music nobody else had heard of and thinking she was weird, which she kind of was. She spent nearly two decades as a teacher and librarian working with students from kindergarten to graduate school. The bulk of that time she spent teaching High School English while dreaming of becoming a writer. Nowadays, when she’s not writing, she helps run her family’s retail and café businesses.  She lives and writes in Spokane, Washington.


Now meet Kris's book.


“Do not ignore a call from me when you know I am feeling neurotic about a boy. That is Best Friend 101.” —Nash
        Maggie and Nash are outsiders. She’s overweight. He’s out of the closet. The best of friends, they have seen each other through thick and thin, but when Tom moves to town at the start of the school year, they have something unexpected in common: feelings for the same guy. This warm, witty novel—with a clear, true voice and a clever soundtrack of musical references—sings a song of love and forgiveness.


All writers need something to keep them going on those tough writing days, and Kris is sharing hers with us!



Writing can be a lonely, crazy‐making business. Many writers have quirky things they need to keep them going when the writing gets tough. One friend of mine has a rock from Robert Frost’s farm that he sets on the table next to his computer. Another friend needs a fresh package of Red Vines to make it through her writing day. And one full‐time writer I know listens to heavy metal as loud as she can while she writes. My writing needs are pretty predictable, but they are essential to keep my writing motor running. 


Top Five Things That Fuel My Writing:


1.) Coffee

I really love coffee. I’m an Americano or drip with a little cream sort of gal, so I keep it pretty simple. But volume is important. Fortunately, I own a coffee shop so I get my coffee cheap, fresh, and often. 




2.) The Pile

This is the pile of books that I want to read. Pile is not really the right word. It’s more of a wall. Full. Of books. I make deals with myself that after I finish a certain amount of writing, which I love, I get to read a certain amount, which I love even more. It’s a sort of reward system for myself. 




3.) Other crazy people who are better writers than I am

No, I’m not actually friends with J.K Rowling. But I am friends with a whole bunch of other writers I admire and like. We share work with each other, give honest, sometimes tough, feedback, encourage each other when we feel like quitting, and generally make each other better writers. It’s no Hogwarts, but it’s pretty magical. 




4.) Cute animal videos

There are so many! I’m partial to sloths and baby pandas, but any baby animal will do in a pinch. I also like videos where animals who don’t normally frolic are frolicking. Like there’s this one video of a turtle and a dog playing with a ball. A turtle was playing with a ball! Warning: cute animal videos are a slippery slope, so be very careful with these. They are addictive and can cause a lack of productivity. Use sparingly. 




5.) Impromptu dance parties

These are an essential part of my working day. I can’t listen to music while I write, so a loud song and a burst of wildly inappropriate and extremely dorky dancing is a welcome break to the long stretches of silence in between. If I can sing loudly and know all the lyrics: even better. 


We'd like to thank Kris for showing us a little bit of the writer's life! And here is another BIG thanks for the following giveaway of You and Me and Him!



You and Me and Him

  1. by: Kris Dinnison

  2. Release Date: July 7, 2015 





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