Author Chat with Reynold Jay

Author Chat with Reynold Jay


This week we talk with Reynold Jay, author of The Wurtherington Diary.



YABC: What surprised you most while writing your latest book?



Reynold: My biggest surprise is that I wrote a fantasy series! When I began writing a few years back, I loved writing Forty Days to Armegeddon, which is a thriller. I never imagined I would write a fantasy novel. 



When I worked with Amara on her non-fiction story of her abusive childhood, the experience placed me firmly inside the head of a child. It was a gut-wrenching experience for both us, and the book did well in the marketplace. Meanwhile, I became interested in 3D movies. The result was that I was watched a lot of stuff that I would not have watched otherwise. If it was in 3D, I purchased it, and watched it. Much of this was animated fantasy by Pixar like Brave, Wreck it Ralph, and Frozen. I quickly realized that I was missing out and knew that I could come up with something special. My work with Amara was the foundation and the motivation came from the 3D viewings.



YABC: If you could live in any fantasy world, which one would it be?



Reynold: My wife says I live in fantasy land, and she is correct. I live in my own little world, and my characters are so very real to me. I do enjoy other fantasy worlds like Gulliver, Arendelle from Frozen, Scottish Highlands in Brave, and worlds from other Pixar films.



I really do not read much at all, simply watching movies for entertainment, so I have no knowledge of what a Harry Potter novel would look like in print. I imagine it is best in print, but I am not derivative of others writers at all.  I really do not write to play to large numbers of readers. I create my own world mostly for myself and figure if others are drawn to it, that I am fortunate. 



I do love the past and if readers are interested in history at all they will pick up several of my books. As I think about it now, I would love to live in the Swiss mountains with William Tell during the Dark Ages or Robin Hood battling the cruel King John. 



YABC: Do you enjoy writing to music? If so, do you have a go-to playlist?



Reynold: There are days when I keep the television running all the time and most often pay little attention to it. I keep it on cable channels where there is no irksome advertising. 



Most often, however,  I listen to the Encore western channel.  I was a mobile DJ for decades and loved it. These are the persons that play weddings and Christmas parties. 



As far as music, it is too distracting for me because I love it so. In my early years, I entertained as a musician and was most often the leader of the band doing the vocals, lead guitar, etc. When I listen to music I find myself writing out all the instrumental parts of it in my head. Yep--too distracting. 



YABC:  Which part of the writing process do you enjoy more: Drafting or Revising?


Reynold: I enjoy both equally. The first draft is gut-wrenching on occasion as I turn blank pages into a story. I set 3,000 words as a minimum for a day's work and on a good day I can do 5,000 words. I always draw up a chapter by outlining first, and that keeps the story flowing in the proper direction. 



Most often that first draft is quite good and I always review it twenty times as I want everything to be its very best. By the time I have gone through it twenty times, I always have it all in good order. I imagine others might consider this to be tedious ( it is) but in that I am putting this out there for virtually anyone's eyes, I figure I owe them the very best I can do. 



YABC: What would you say is your superpower?



Reynold: I would say I have no super power at all.  But I have worked with mentally impaired students all my life, so I guess you could say I may very well be the most patient, compassionate person you could ever hope to meet. I am not trying to make myself out to be a saint, however, those close to me will tell you those are my most endearing qualities. This trait shows up in Tammy Wurtherington, and I hope the reader can see that these traits often have big rewards.




Read more about Reynold's book, find reviews, and links to purchase by clicking HERE!








Reynold Jay was a graduate of Central Michigan University with a B.A. in Art. He became a successful business person with the formation of Confectionery World, Inc. that operated a string of retail confectionery outlets throughout Michigan. He is currently the leader of a team dedicated to publishing the fascinating  1883 Wurtherington Diary. He has authored a dozen books and co-authored a non-fiction book with Amara, "Eternal Defilement." Once a Special Education teacher--now an author/publisher/restoration professional,  he hopes to inspire his readers with this series meant for young and old alike. Reynold says, "When my science students, said, 'You seem to know a lot about dinosaurs, Mr. Jay,' I knew it was time to move on." He lives with his faithful wife and recently celebrated a fiftieth anniversary.












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