Birds Everywhere

Birds Everywhere
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March 07, 2023
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There are birds everywhere! Some of them live along the coast, some of them in the savannah, and some may be in your backyard. Young readers will learn where in the world all sorts of birds can be found and all the weird and wonderful things about them that they never imagined. This is the fourth book in a popular nonfiction series that sparks with personality.

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Birds Everywhere
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What worked: Beautifully illustrated picture book all about birds. This is perfect for teaching units on birds as it goes over facts like how their bones are hollow; the different types of feathers; different types of birds; and other fun facts. When I was a first-grade teacher I had an unit on birds and this would have been perfect to share with my students!

The illustrations add to the book. The pictures are vivid and the text is engaging. There are also some historical facts on birds. An ostrich egg is 6 inches long and makes a huge omelet. In Egypt, there was a bird God-the phoenix which would die in a blaze of flames and be reborn from the ashes. Another fun fact was the pigeon GI Joe who saved the lives of over one hundred soldiers in WWII. Finally, there is mention of the African gray parrot that scientist Irene Pepperberg purchased in 1977 and how she taught the parrot how to talk. I've owned numerous parrots and I can vouch that they're very smart!

Plus, there's a page that goes over bird-watching suggestions for those who want to go outdoors to watch them.

Engaging non-fiction picture book on birds with colorful illustrations that is sure to be a new favorite in any child's library!
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