Bella and the Lost Ball

Bella and the Lost Ball
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October 04, 2022
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One lost ball. And so many adjectives to describe it . . .
Wanted: a beautiful ball. What does it look like? How many adjectives will Bella need to describe her ball, so that her friends can visualize it properly and help her find it? And will she even succeed?

The sun is lovely and warm, so Bella runs outside to play with her ball. But where has it rolled to? With the help of a butterfly, Mitzi the cat, Ally the dog and an inquisitive bunny hopping around the garden, will Bella be able to find it?

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cute story about a lost ball
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BELLA AND THE LOST BALL is a sweet story about searching for something lost. Bella wakes up on a nice morning and wants to play with her ball. However, she cannot find it anywhere. She asks a bird for help, telling the bird that it is something beautiful. The bird shows her the beautiful thing it has seen - but it is a yellow flower. Bella points out that her ball is red, so she sets off again. As she encounters different animals, they help her to find things that suit the characteristics she is searching for, but unfortunately none of them is her ball. Finally, Bella thinks about where she last saw it, and then she remembers where it is and finds her ball!

What I loved: This is a very cute story with a topic little ones will recognize - the search for a lost toy! Bella is learning how to describe her ball as well as the things around her house that also match the description. As she narrows it down by adding descriptors, children will begin to understand the importance of specificity as well as the many traits that one item can have. The discussions with animals were really cute and added some fun throughout.

The illustrations are lovely and bring the story to life throughout with the adorable Bella and animals appearing on each page. The message around how to find things you have lost is also helpful, as children may think back to where they last played with the toys they are missing.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the text on each page is a bit small which can be challenging to read at times for caregivers. The book is also a bit lengthy on some pages, which will work better for preschoolers and up rather than toddlers or readers who need the pages to turn quickly.

Final verdict: BELLA AND THE BALL is an adorably fun story about searching for a lost toy that will resonate with young readers.
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