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Turned me off contemporary romance forever
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This was okay at first. Then it was just plain overdone.

there were these moments when you could imagine a stage hand whispering "cue angst" behind the curtain. The backgrounds of the characters weren't as dramatic as the author seems to want them to sound.

I don't mind a novel about a dysfunctional relationship. I do mind needless drama, though.

I also have a problem with no self awareness whatsoever. Abby is ridiculous in her refusal to acknowledge her own feelings. And Travis.. oh lord! here's the thing; the author will have you believe that it's possible for people to completely change who they are. Who they've been for years and years over the course of a couple of weeks. When in fact, past a certain age, what you see is what you get. FOREVER.

And what's with naming characters after countries? The name "America" is pretty rare as it is but to have another character named "Brazil". I hope she doesn't break out the continents next! She could use "Australia" and fill her ridiculous name quota for like 60 or 70 pages. Besides it'll be hitting two birds with one stone since Australia qualifies as a country and a continent.

Finally, I think someone should call animal protection because they are dangerously underfeeding that dog!!
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