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July 05, 2022
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The award-winning creator of the Giraffe and Bird books introduces Dotty the dancing dachshund to celebrate the gifts of those who struggle to "sit" and "stay"
Dotty the dachshund knows she was born to dance ballet. When told to sit, she does a plié. Asked to stay, she does an assemblé. Fed up with Dotty’s lack of discipline, Mrs. Austere sends her to the Canine School of Obedience, but Dotty just can’t seem to learn. Heartbroken, the little dog flees to the park―where an unexpected new friend is waiting. Could he know the secret to helping Dotty dance out her dreams with her own kind of discipline?

In Ballewiena, author-illustrator Rebecca Bender, creator of the award-winning Giraffe and Bird books, introduces a new volume of animal hi-jinks. Tucked into the witty language and amusing antics is a story about growth mindset and a perceptive note of encouragement for anyone who was made for activity in a world that expects stillness.

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Dogs Love to Dance too!
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Dotty the dachshund loves to dance and has a natural talent for it. But when it comes to ordinary commands, like sit and stay, she can't help but ballet her way into position. However, Mrs. Austere views her dancing as disobedience and the inability to follow instructions. She decides to send Dotty to the Canine School of Obedience, but much to her disappointment, it doesn't help her. After leaving the school, Dotty finds an opportunity to show off her dance skills, but will it be enough for Mrs. Austere to approve or will she still get angry for her disobedience?

BALLEWIENA is an adorable ballet story all about chasing after your dreams. Dotty knows dancing is in her blood and continues to do it unconsciously. It's not that she's trying to be rude. She just truly can't stop herself from dancing. I like how she doesn't allow others to push her down and suppress her talent. Even though it hurts her feelings and she gets upset about not fitting in the school, she stays true to herself and her heart. The illustrations are cutesy with soft colors and any dancer will enjoy the frequent use of ballet terms. A dog as the main character adds to the entertainment for children.

Final Verdict: Overall, BALLEWIENA holds a powerful message for young aspiring dancers and I would recommend it to fans of ballet. It's also a cute story for children to enjoy and learn to follow their hearts.
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