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Today we’re chatting with Lisa Yee, author of Wonder Woman at Super Hero High! Read on for the interview, more about the book and author, plus a a chance to enter the giveaway!

YABC: What surprised you most while writing your latest book?


Lisa Yee: The sheer joy of writing. I’ve had fun writing before, and also have been in pain when writing. But writing Wonder Woman at Super Hero High was fun from beginning to end. At the risk of sounding like a maniac, sometimes I’d just start laughing when I was writing, not able to believe my good fortune at being able to write about these iconic characters like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, The Flash, and the rest of the super heroes.


My job was to help create this alternate universe where all the super heroes are in high school together. And then to come up with ways to destroy the world . . . and then save it? It’s like winning the jackpot!

YABC:  If you could live in any fantasy world, which one would it be?


LY: It would be fun to go to Hogwarts, and also it would be pretty amazing to be a Jedi. But right now I’m so into the super heroes that I’m writing that I’d love to be of that world. And to be able to fly. And turn invisible. And read minds. And toss cars. And, and . . . yeah. Put me in the DC Comics world, and I’ll be one happy gal.


YABC:  Do you have a mantra that gets you through the drafting phase?


LY: “Just write.” That’s what I’m always reminding myself. To not overthink things, but get something, anything, down on paper. I would be delusional to think that that first draft will be the last draft.


YABC:  What is your favorite hobby when you’re not writing?


LY: I’m going to sound like a total nerd, but it would be reading. Man, to get swept up in a great story, there’s no greater adventure than that. I also like to make things, like little dramas with small plastic toys in Mason jars. And food. Yeah, I’m all about food and love trying new things.


YABC:  Which character gave you the most trouble when writing your latest book?


LY: Wonder Woman herself was a challenge, because she’s so iconic. Everyone knows who she is and that was paralyzing to me at first. Then I realized that my job as an author was not to tell people what they already know, but to write about Wonder Woman “before.” To tell her story when she was in high school, before she was in full control of her powers and when she was the new girl, trying to figure everything out.

High school can be so overwhelming. Layer being a super hero onto that, with all that’s expected of you and wowza. Can you say “pressure cooker?”


YABC: Do you enjoy writing to music? If so, do you have a go‐to playlist?


LY: Ha! Okay, I’ll spill. When at home I listen to an app called Coffitivity ‐ ‐ which has the sounds of a coffee shop, you know bits of conversation, low murmurs, etc. And I couple it with music from soundtracks like from Where the Wild Things Are, or Harry Potter. If I listen to anything with lyrics I’m going to start accidentally typing those. Just imagine Wonder Woman At Super Hero High a mashup with Hamilton, the musical. Hey, wait, not a bad idea . . .


YABC:  Is there an organization or cause that is close to your heart?


LY: There are so many wonderful reading‐related organizations and events out there that I love, like Children’s Book week, which incidentally is May 2 ‐ 8th and sponsored by the Children’s Book Council I also especially love what We Need Diverse Books is doing. They’ve working to raise awareness and foster the publishing and reading of all kinds of books from all kinds of authors. To me, it’s a no brainer and everyone wins.


YABC:  What’s a book that you’ve read recently that you would recommend to your readers?


LY: ECHO by Pam Munoz Ryan was great. It’s a sweeping epic but on a small personal scale that you can identify with. And I adored THE TRUTH ABOUT TWINKIE PIE by Kat Yeh. It was charming and funny, and heartbreaking. If a book can make me laugh and cry, then it’s a winner.


YABC:  Which part of the writing process do you enjoy more: Drafting or Revising?


LY: Revisiting. No, revising. Ha! A little revisionist humor there. No? Not funny. Sigh. Okay. Anyway, YES! I love to revise. That’s the reward. The foundation of the story is already in place and now comes time to really make it what you want it to be.

With a draft I’m often lost. With a revision, I’m heading home.


YABC: What would you say is your superpower?


LY: My superpower is to slow down lines in the supermarket. Seriously, any line I get in will go slower than the rest. That said, I’m angling for a better, more efficient one, like the power to turn down buttermilk doughnuts, especially those that involve chocolate and sprinkles. 

Meet Lisa Yee

Lisa’s been a TV writer/producer, written labels for bean cans, and penned a speech for a president of the United States. Her books include BOBBY VS. GIRLS (ACCIDENTALLY) and BOBBY THE BRAVE (SOMETIMES) and YA novel, ABSOLUTELY MAYBE. All are published by Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic. Other novels include the MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS, SO TOTALLY EMILY EBERS and STANFORD WONG FLUNKS BIG-TIME. Plus the American Girl books, GOOD LUCK, IVY, ALOHA KANANI and GOOD JOB, KANANI. WARP SPEED, the Stanford Wong spin-off about a Star Trek geek who gets beat up everyday, is her latest middle grade novel, and her most recent book is a YA called THE KIDNEY HYPOTHETICAL OR HOW TO RUIN YOUR LIFE IN SEVEN DAYS.



Meet Lisa’s new book, Wonder Woman at Super Hero High!

This groundbreaking new middle grade series follows DC Comics’ most iconic female Super Heroes and Super-Villains . . . as high schoolers. At Super Hero High, the galaxy’s most powerful teens nurture their powers and master the fundamentals of what it means to be a hero. And the students at Super Hero High are about to meet their strongest classmate yet–Wonder Woman!


Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

By: Lisa Yee

Release Date: March 1, 2016 



Three winners will receive a copy of this new book (US only)!


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