Author Chat with Aissatou Balde (Daddies and Daughters Stick Together), Plus Giveaway! ~US Only

Today we are chatting with Aissatou Balde, author of Daddies and Daughters Stick Together

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Meet Aissatou Balde

Aissatou Balde is the creative director and editor in chief of, a lifestyle brand sought after by all those looking for an authentic and positive representation of womanhood, motherhood, and family. Aissatou currently lives in Indiana with her husband, Alhassane, and her two daughters, Diari and Fatima. Visit for more information.

 It’s no surprise that six-year-old Diariatou Sow would become an author at such an early age. Diari is an avid reader, eager learner, and incredibly creative kid who loves learning new languages. When she is not dancing, drawing, playing with her little sister, or writing with her mom, she is hanging out with her dad, which is her favorite thing to do.

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About The Book: Daddies and Daughters Stick Together


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~Author Chat~

Please share a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Aissatou Balde and I am the Creative Director and Editor in Chief of and the author of Daddies and Daughters Stick Together. I was born and raised in Guinea (West Africa) and moved to NYC at the age of 14. I currently live in Indiana with my husband and two daughters Diari & Fatima. Fun fact: I love to cook and I speak four languages.


What were your favorite books growing up?

I grew up in Guinea, Conakry where we spoke French. Some of my favorite books were “Le Petit Prince” and “Mamadou et Bineta.”


In your book, Diari and her little sister Fatima get to spend the day with their Daddy.  During this day they cook, dance, learn and play. What are some other fun things that your daughters enjoy doing with their Dad?

Diari and Fatima honestly love everything they get to do with their dad, no matter how small it is. I will say, however, that their dad reading to them and giving them piggy back rides is at the top of their list!


This book’s message is so loving. What was your relationship with your father like growing up?

Growing up, I had the best relationship with my dad! I looked at him the same way Fatima and Diari look at their dad. One of my favorite childhood memories was sitting in our veranda next to my dad reading a book while he read his newspaper. He used to wear glasses and I was so exited when I received my own glasses because I felt like we were twins. My dad never said no to me so that should tell you why I loved him so much. I was a daddy’s girl through and through!


It’s clear from the book’s narrative that your husband and his relationship with your daughters was the inspiration for this book, but what inspired you to want to become an author?


Honestly, being an author was not actually something I dreamed for myself until this story came to me. It is safe to say that wanting to tell their story is really what inspired me to push through and become an author.


Who did you write this book for? 

This book was written mainly for boys and girls ages 3-6, but with kids of all ages in mind. Our bonds with our dads start from the moment we’re born! While the book emphasizes the relationship between a dad and his daughters, the main purpose is simply to highlight fathers who play their part. Whether the dad lives in the home or not, as long as they are present and doing an amazing job, that’s all that matters. This book is also for kids who may not have their dad present, but they have a father figure who goes above and beyond for them.


What do you hope readers take away from reading this book?

I want readers to see themselves in this book! I want them to not only cherish their relationship with their dad but also use this as ways to come up with fun ways to spend time with their dad. Also, I want parents reading this to their kids to see the power in working and supporting each other.


The illustrations play an important role in demonstrating the happiness and joy we see in the girl’s interaction with their dad.  Tell us a little about how you collaborated with illustrator Nandi L. Fernandez to develop them? 

Nandi L. Fernandez is a wonderful illustrator, concept artist, and animator. She grew up in Uganda, Zambia, and Liberia, where her love for travel, art, and exploring different African cultures was nurtured. Her background alone made me feel connected to her and ultimately, working with her was a breeze. After sharing the script and ideas with her, the first step was drawing and defining the images of the characters. After that, we created the rest of the illustrations for the script before moving forward with colors. Throughout the process Nandi kept communication open and was extremely open to feedback. In the end, we were all very pleased with the final product.


Before writing, Daddies and Daughters Stick Together, did you girls have a favorite children’s book that was their go-to for bedtime?

My girls love the books, Hair Love, Little Leaders, and Dear Black Child.


Will you be writing more children’s stories in the future, and if so, will the next one be about family as well?

Absolutely! I think it is super important to keep the conversation going surrounding fathers and their roles in their children’s lives. The next story will continue with that narrative but with a different main character. No worries, Diari’s character will still be part of the story.


Book’s Title: Daddies and Daughters Stick Together

Authors: Aissatou Balde and Diariatou Sow

illustrated: Nandi L. Fernandez

Release Date: May 10, 2022

Publisher: Bird Upstairs Books

ISBN-10: 1954854528

ISBN-13: 978-1954854529

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Age Range: 3 – 5 years





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