Atlas of Endangered Animals

Atlas of Endangered Animals
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April 26, 2022
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This book provides both a wake-up call and hope. If we behave responsibly toward nature, these species can still be saved.

We are born, we live, we die, and we loot our planet. We pollute it, mine it, cut down forests, and transform them into arable land. We pump out groundwater as well as raw materials . . . Entire lines of threatened species, however, are dying before our eyes. Do we want to continue like this? Atlas of Endangered Animals maps out the dangers that specific threatened species face. The writer Radek Malý encourages people to think about their actions. The ambitiously conceived atlas is accompanied by remarkable fullpage illustrations by Pavel Dvorský, supplemented by scientific illustrations by his wife Pavla Dvorská. These are stories of forty species whose ongoing existence rests in our hands.

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ATLAS OF ENDANGERED ANIMALS features about forty animals that are getting closer and closer to extinction. There are facts about where the animals are located, about how many are left, and some tidbits. One animal I’m surprised to see on the list is the Komodo Dragon. I don't know why but I didn't realize it was close to extinction. Another fascinating animal is the Takahe because it almost looks like it belongs in the Jurassic age, and it was actually considered extinct for fifty years. Also, most birds in New Zealand have lost their ability to fly over the years. It’s something crazy to ponder over.

To be honest, there's a lot of information on each animal that fascinated me and my amazed my daughter. The illustrations are so breath-taking that words don't do them justice. The animals are drawn in a stunning realistic style that it makes the reader feel even sadder for the impending loss of these species. With some of the animals, there are examples of more prominent species that are related to the endangered one so the reader can see the difference between them. I love how some show how they look at different ages, like a newborn compared to adolescent. ATLAS OF ENDANGERED ANIMALS is a wake up call and brings awareness to how environmental issues are impacting the animals on this planet. One of the saddest ones is the white rhino because there are only two left and they're both females. So, they're trying artificial insemination that I hope sticks because the white rhino is so beautiful. We don't need to add another species to the extinct list.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of animals and those who are interested in environmental issues. The illustrations bring these animals to life and if we don't do something for them, who will? The author does an amazing job of addressing these issues without seeming like a lecture which feels like it’ll be more appealing to children.
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