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Drama like you’re watching an episode of Days of Our Lives, bloodshed like it’s Game of Thrones.

Set back in the day (when there were assassins and horse riding was a top means of transportation), Assassin’s Heart leaves little to be desired. It’s all here.

The drama and the romance.
The strong female heroine and the male sidekick.
The betrayal.
The romance.
The action. So. Much. Action.
Poisons and swords and creeping on rooftops.

I loved it all.

For a while, towards the beginning, I almost hated Lea. She would not stop whining about Val and his missing touch, yada yada. I was over it and hoping she’d put her big girl pants on and focus on the real problem.

And she did, finally. I’m not holding that against you, Lea. (Val, you scum!!)

Above all, my favorite thing is a book that sucks me in and makes me miss precious sleep just to see what will happen next. And from about 40% in, that was me. Curled up under the sheets way past my bedtime, waiting to see if Lea made is past the monastery or if she got eaten by an angry ghost (legit spooky).

I loved the different Family’s throughout the kingdoms and I wish they may have been elaborated on more.

Assassins Heart is a nonstop thriller of a novel. Original and spellbinding, you won’t be able to put this one down!
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