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Sarcasm, Wit and a hint of Bitchiness? Yes Please.
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Now, as I write my reviews, I really don't think I could review a book I don't like because I am not that type of person to trash talk someone in the long run of things. But sarcasm? I am a master of that. So is Sloane Tanen! I loved this book. Its really quite funny, and if you are the type of person to ever read perez hilton, or a simple celebrity gossip magazine, its tough not to love this. The characters are all priceless, and Fran is a refreshing voice that can really be someone to truly associate with, even though stuff like this never happens. Except for a girl turning a guy gay (sorry Fran) But this book is a classic. Its funny and you can't put it down, or wipe that stupid smile off your face for a WHILE. So while you are reading this book, laughing your ass off, and making your day better, think which character would I be? Because I am a mix of a few, and its cool to use this in everyday life. So if I keep on talking and you keep on reading, I will write my own book in the form of a review, but just Get IT, Read IT, and Love IT. Because I know I did and you will too!
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All the characters are great!
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