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non-fiction book about seals
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RINGED SEAL is an intriguing introduction to the animal. The book discusses key facts about their activites, such as their breathing holes, their skeleton and blubber, and other information about predators. The book concludes by discussing what humans use them for, such as food, sealskin tents, and seal bone games.

What I loved: The illustrations throughout are really elegant and capture the seals really well. Basic facts about them are also really interesting and will appeal to children who want to learn more.

What left me wanting more: The facts included are pretty limited, and they seem really basic overall. They will work for younger children, but are written in large paragraphs which might be better for older readers. The human use sections feel a bit too large, showing a hunter with a gun for intelligence and talking about their intelligence as it relates to hunting. Considering that they are mostly threatened or endangered, a focus on hunting was a bit tough, but of course, they have cultural context for the Inuit.

Final verdict: Overall, RINGED SEAL is a simple non-fiction book about ringed seals with lovely illustrations.
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