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ANGLERFISH: THE SEADEVIL OF THE DEEP introduces young readers to a mysterious fish that lives the majority of its life in the deep, dark parts of the ocean. Elaine M. Alexander and Fiona Fogg join accessible text with soft, detailed drawings that show the anglerfish as it is: a unique, intriguing creature that most will never set their eyes on given its location.

Through the journey learning about the anglerfish, readers also learn ocean vocabulary such as "midnight zone." The book manages to balance integrating scientific terms with helpful context clues and superb illustrations so that young readers won't be overwhelmed with information but still learn plenty. The illustrations are especially nice once the anglerfish reaches the depths of the ocean where darkness prevails and bio-luminescence comes into play.

ANGLERFISH: THE SEADEVIL OF THE DEEP is an accessible, fun spotlight on a special fish.
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