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So I liked this book although the idea of the soul being reincarnated, I've read before. It was an interesting book although I thought it mirrored the book Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey but in that book, the main character is helping ghosts not fighting demons. If it had been not so close to something I've already read, I think I would have enjoyed more and been more interested because this is an interesting book and I'm not saying its not, but this is something I feel like I've already read. So this is what I'm saying: If you haven't read Shattered Souls, read Angelfire because it is a good and interesting read, but if you have read Shattered Souls, it is your choice to read this book or not. Personally, I enjoyed this book even though its similarities to Shattered Souls and I do recommend this book. But expect it to play out kind of like Shattered Souls. Other than that, I enjoyed it. I like Ellie and Will and I find her best friend a really good character. So to read or not to read, that is the real question.
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