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As I read the latest adaptation of Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon - The Graphic Novel, I was reminded why this series is so popular. Amber is a charming third grader who's messy and forgetful, but she is also an amazing friend.

Amber and Justin have been best friends since they were little. The story begins with the friends in third grade and dealing with a big hurdle. Justin's dad took a job in Alabama and his family will move once they sell their home. As it gets closer to Justin's family moving it feels like the two friends are pushing each other away. Amber struggles with the idea of Justin moving and losing her best friend, while Justin is nervous about starting a new school and making friends. In the end, Amber and Justin realize the importance of communication in their friendship.

What I Liked: The graphic novel format breathes new life into the Amber Brown series. Victoria Ying perfectly captures Amber Brown's personality and emotions in her illustrations.

Many readers can relate to the book's topics, which include friendship, divorce, and moving. I really like how the author isn't afraid to show her characters having emotions that they need to process. A touching moment occurs when Amber and her mom discuss Justin's move and Amber's frustration with him. Amber's mother was so supportive, and it was wonderful to see a positive family relationship like this. There is another heartfelt moment between Amber and Justin where they open up about their fears about the move. It's emotional and funny all at once, and I think it captures Amber and Justin's friendship perfectly.

This graphic adaptation of Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon is the perfect introduction to the popular series and is a must read for young readers.
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