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It’s hard work to stay good.
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What worked:
You should definitely read the first book before reading this one, to understand Amari’s complicated life as a powerful magician. She’s a born magician which is a very rare and feared position to be in. Magicians were at the center of a war centuries ago, and they’ve been considered UnWanteds ever since, despite Amari’s efforts to save the world in the previous book. She’s forced into a personal battle between fair and foul magick, as she learns evilness is constantly looking to take control. Amari is one of the most powerful magicians ever, but she still needs to learn how to use her abilities. Her former partner Dylan succumbed to the power in the previous book, and he’s the main suspect behind all of the current problems in this book.
Outright war between magicians and other supernaturals is on the brink of exploding, as the Magician’s Guild comes to the forefront. The previous book implied they might provide support for Amari, but that’s not the way things turn out. The intriguing thing about this series is how the author is able to create different levels of mystery and suspicion in characters and situations. The Guild has its own agenda, and Amari sets events in motion when she refuses to lead them by accepting the Crown. The end result is the Great Game is activated to decide the future of all magiciankind. Amari’s convinced a magician did not cause the time freeze, but who else has a reason and the power to do it? Dylan is the obvious answer, but is that too obvious for readers to accept?
As in the previous book, Amari gives herself a quest amid outrage from the supernatural community. It was finding her brother last time, and this time she’s determined to discover who’s responsible for stopping time across most of Georgia and the supernatural’s Congress Room. Elsie, Amari’s best friend and weredragon, is once again by Amari’s side, though this story doesn’t include as many of her creative inventions. The big surprise is Amari’s new partner is Lara, the girl who bullied and tormented her in the first book. Amari grapples to trust her, and Lara promises she won’t turn on Amari. However, the doubt in their relationship is planted and complicates their interactions for most of the book.
What didn’t work as well:
The resolution isn’t happily ever after, but it sets the stage for a dramatic and eventful third book. I didn’t have any problems with the book overall.
The Final Verdict:
It’s hard work to stay good. The book boils down to a battle between good and evil, although it’s not always easy to tell one from the other. The secret motives of various characters will keep readers engaged and thinking. I highly recommend you give this book, and the series, a shot!
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