Alone Like Me

Alone Like Me
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May 03, 2022
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In this beautiful, heartfelt picture book, a young girl moves from a small village to a big city in China, where she longs to find a friend...and ultimately meets someone very much like her.

Liling and her family have moved from their rural farm to an overwhelming urban city. Because of Chinese law, Liling can't go to school and spends her days with Mama or Baba at work. At the playground, the other children throw sand at her and tease her old red coat and dirty shoes.
But after she shares a smile with a girl in a bright yellow jacket who lives in an apartment beneath hers, Liling has a big idea! She draws a picture and lowers it down to the girl--Qiqi--who returns it with a drawing of her own. When the new friends meet face to face, Liling takes Qiqi's hand, and they walk bravely into the park--together.

With luscious watercolor illustrations and lovely poetic text, this achingly beautiful story is about our universal desire for connection, and the comfort we feel when we find a true friend.

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Heartfelt Story About Bravery & Friendship
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Alone Like Me is a beautiful, but heart cracking, story of a young girl who can no longer attend school in the mountains, due to her families financial situation. It would be easy for most anyone to relate to Liling and he story of friendship and bravery.

I loved how Liling didn't give up. Even when other children were mean to her, or she had to go to work with one of her parents, she was determined to find a place for herself and make friends. When she was caught in a complex situation, she does her best to look on the bright side and finds a way to communicate with a neighbor girl.

I really enjoyed the fact that it was written from the POV of Liling, as many children's books are written in third person and it's nice to bring variety in my children's learning.

The illustrations really set the mood with their darker pallet with a few pops of color here and there. They have a water-color type feel to them and they are gorgeous.
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