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Fitting and bittersweet trilogy conclusion.
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It is really hard for me to write reviews for series enders, because it is sad to leave characters that I have grown to love and invested so much time into. So, this will be short, spoiler free.
I was drawn right back into the world of Tobias and Tris in this bittersweet conclusion to the series. Though I did rush through the middle because it slowed down got too weighty in the middle, it picked right back up.
There were lots of surprises, and things I both expected, dreaded and couldn't wait for.
I loved getting into Four's head and getting his perspective. It was an added bonus in this and gave us some valuable insight.
Tris is as strong as ever, even though she has her flaws, that makes her even more relatable, and easy to like and pull for. She has the recklessness, but also the courage and sacrifice that defines her. Her journey to really understanding what sacrifice is was really cyclic and I enjoyed reading about it. She really began to understand it was about love, and all of the things her parents tried to teach her.
Tobias has a journey of healing, of forgiveness, of reconciliation and of acceptance of himself of who he is. Not what society makes him out to be or in black and white.
There is non-stop action in this one, tying up loose ends and resolving all of the plots.
OMG. The ending. I am one of the people who are torn. I hate it and saw it coming, but at the same time I love it and think it is fitting. It depends on what moment you ask me.

Bottom Line: Fitting and bittersweet trilogy conclusion.
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