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I'll be honest, this is probably the most difficult review I've ever had to write. Like a lot of fans, DIVERGENT holds a special place in my heart and I have been anxiously awaiting A YEAR AND A HALF to find out how it all ends. And now I almost wish I didn't.

What I Liked: I have been a diehard Four fan from the moment I met him in DIVERGENT, so having his POV was a huge plus for me. We find out what's outside the fence and information is revealed that rattles both Tris and Four to the core. Four questions everything about himself, his life and his relationship with Tris and she's faced with being the strong one, which was an interesting albeit painful role reversal. (If it were me, I would have taken him by his calloused hand, found a quiet corner and kissed away all of his boo-booed feelings.)

The choices these characters make are consistent for the most part and the world building is still as complex and detailed as in the previous books. Roth also holds to the themes of bravery and selflessness she laid down in the beginning of the series which was good.

My favorite part was the note that Four leaves Tris and the way he addresses it. :)

What Left Me Wanting More: I enjoyed the dual POV but the two voices weren't distinct enough. I found myself having to refer back to the chapter title quite often so that I could remember who was supposed to be talking.

There was a huge amount of information dumped in the middle which slowed the pacing slow down considerably and will most likely confuse a few readers.

Tris and Four have been through more than the average teenager and it's easy to forget sometimes that they are in fact, teenagers. Their relationship was a mix of ups and downs and after having walked through the mire of grief that was INSURGENT, I was really looking forward to this being a lighter time for them, but it wasn't.

This ending BROKE MY HEART. I wasn't necessarily expecting a HEA, but I was hoping for a happier resolution. A chance for Tris, Four and a few others to experience life on their own terms. I "get" why Veronica Roth ended it this way, and yes, the story does come full circle, but I still choose to believe it could've had a different outcome while still driving home the ideals of bravery, selflessness and sacrifice.

Final Verdict: Stunning end to the series that's sure to leave readers dangling over a chasm of feelings.

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