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So this was an interesting read. I really like the cover and the synopsis is what drew me into reading this book. But I was kind of disappointed with some things.

First off, this book is insta-lovey. Emerys sees Richard sleeping and then immediately likes him. I didn't really like that. Also, there is a lot of romance in this book and I felt all the romance kind of took away from the action that was present in the book.

Emerys was kind of annoying as a main character. Her magic fails in front of Richard so she spills all the secrets of the Faery world. Then she is always second-guessing herself, when she is with the Queen, with Richard or her friend. At some point, I just got fed up with that because it was really annoying.

I felt Richard was kind of cliche. He is the "bad boy" who once you get to know, is great and nice and wonderful, and I felt that that was kind of cliche. The bad boy who actually has a heart. So I didn't really like his character.

The ending was my favorite part. There was action which I liked and I did not expect the culprit to be the culprit. So the ending was a nice ending and I liked that there wasn't an epilouge so that the readers could determine for themselves what happened to Emerys and Richard.
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