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The third installment in the ALIEN IN MY POCKET series continues the saga of Zack, Olivia, and the little blue alien Amp with action, plans gone awry, and drama. The pacing is swift, the chapters short enough to keep younger readers engaged without short-changing the plot, and the illustrations break up the text nicely. The plot is action-packed, and even though it's a short book, the author works in a subplot about a revenge prank on Zack's little brother that goes horribly awry. Parents and teachers will appreciate that the adults in the book are smart and involved, and that the kids get consequences for their actions. Younger readers will appreciate the crazy little alien Amp and the chaos Zack causes while trying to keep Amp and his antics a secret. And all readers will enjoy the way Olivia thinks on her feet, saving the day when Amp nearly ruins everything.

The last few pages of the book contain illustrated instructions for young readers to build their own radio transmitter. This combined with the scientific facts cleverly presented throughout the story adds value to the book as well.

ALIEN IN MY POCKET: RADIO ACTIVE is an entertaining, action-packed story that will win the hearts of younger readers.
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