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What I Loved:

This book is compulsively readable. The pacing is quick, with just enough down time between action scenes to keep a reader connected to the characters and begging for more. The action is exciting. And the romance is sizzling. Fans of The Vampire Diaries will love this series. This isn't your typical zombie book. There are no shuffling, decomposing hordes chanting "Brains!" as they move through the city. This is a new, supernatural twist to the zombie lore, and readers who are drawn to paranormal romance rather than to horror, where zombies usually make their home, will be excited about this series.

The heroine, Ali, is a character most readers will connect with and cheer for. She's sometimes funny, sometimes awkward, and always loyal. She's haunted and troubled, as many protagonists of paranormal romance are, but the stereotype ends there. Ali isn't a loner. She has friends and attracts more friends. She has a mind and isn't afraid to speak it. She makes decisions, takes action, and affects the plot in dramatic ways. This is no empty shell of a heroine.

The hero is an alpha male bad boy with the heart of gold. Ali is the first girl who refuses to be swayed by his pushy brand of protectiveness, and that, along with her brain and her abilities, draws Cole to her. Readers who aren't comfortable with super alpha-maleness might take some time to warm up to Cole, but he'll win them over by the end of the story.

What Left Me Wanting More:

There are a few places where I would've liked a little less "I can't tell you now" or "you'll find out later" moments and more "Heck no, I'm not taking your vague nonsense as an answer" from Ali and Cole's interactions, but it didn't do much to detract from what a fun read this story is.

Final Verdict:

Fast-paced, action-packed zombie slayers with a sizzling hot romance make for a book that is impossible to put down. Great start to what is sure to be a popular series.
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