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AFTER THE END is an exciting adventure that merges city life and wilderness through its two main characters. Told in switching POV, we have Juneau trying to understand her upbringing and separate truths from lies, and Miles trying to work out if Juneau is crazy or if she really has been raised in Alaska as part of a small clan believing they’re living in the aftermath of WWIII. I thought I knew what the book was going to be about until Miles’s POV hit. It turned out to be such an interesting and addictive read. There is so much to enjoy here:

The road trip
I had a lot of fun following Miles and Juneau’s journey, and the riddles that led them to each new place. I liked switching from busy cities to rocky mountains, from sleeping in hotels to sleeping outdoors, from eating in diners to catching food and cooking it on a campfire.

I loved the fast pacing. My reading has slowed down recently and this is exactly what I needed. A book of the same page count might usually take me a week or so, but I finished this in two days. The short switching POV chapters worked really well in keeping the story moving. Plus, it was amazing so I couldn’t stop reading anyway.

The mystery
I had NO idea what was going on! In a good way. The twists were awesome—things I didn’t see coming and enjoyed so much. The mystery was done brilliantly. I still don’t know who to trust even though the story revealed more as it progressed.

Juneau and Miles
I love these characters! They felt so real and genuine. The humour was wonderful. I enjoyed their falling out and making up. And the more romantic side developed perfectly. I can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

The magic
Ah. The Amy Plum paranormal stamp was all over this, which I was SO pleased to find. The Yara was fascinating to learn about along with Juneau. A great addition to the story.

Finally, THAT ENDING. Now the wait begins for book two!
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