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Last Astronomer
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What I liked:
A dystopian fiction story with elements of sci-fi mixed in that has a world plagued by sickness, and the answers are in the stars. Vega and her mother live in a secluded valley, and her mother tells her stories about the stars and the dangers beyond the valley. Vega also has unique tattoos and is on the watch for some sister stars in the sky. Finally, the sign is time to set out and find the mysterious architect. Unfortunately, her mother is very sick with a consumption-type sickness. When she dies, Vega conspires to go with her father into the dangerous world to find this mysterious architect.
Final Verdict:
The world hinges on Vega finding this architect and keeping her tattoos hidden. She is recused by two intense characters who help her on her quest. The stakes are high, and the writing is wonderfully crafted, creating a unique sci-fi, dystopian tale.
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