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A Tale of Triumph
Mike Boldt's latest picture book is filled with color, humor, and an endearing message!

In a very Kafka like manner, Anya wakes one morning, only to find she has grown a tiger tail. The opening pages are bright and colorful with lovely illustrations and it is here that we see girls with pigtails and ponytails, hair pulled back. But alas, Anya has a REAL tiger tail trailing behind her.

Naturally she doesn't want anyone to see she's different. Especially because it is her first day of school. This initial theme of fear and anxiety will be especially helpful for children just starting kindergarten, playing out a fear that is sure to be nonsensical enough to ease their own, more real fears, about starting school for the first time.

Throughout the course of the book, Anya tries tirelessly to escape school. But her parents see nothing wrong with her tiger tail. In fact, her mother thinks it goes well with her hair. Grown-ups will pick up on the satirical nature of this book, wherein Anya could be any child who feels different, still loved unconditionally despite her tail. Children will marvel at Anya's attempt to stay home from school, thwarted every time by her parents.

And when Anya makes it to school, she learns a lesson of triumph and acceptance. She walks into school, and even has her photograph taken with her tail on picture day. She accepts her tail, and others accept this of her.

While humorous, this novel plays at the bigger issues and fears of growing up. Filled with fun on every page, this book is perfect for any child who feels left out or different!
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