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Life Issues for Early Readers to Learn
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One evening, Mei's parents bring her some bad news. They have to close their family flower shop and Mei feels saddened by this. The flower shop has become her second home. At school, she confides in her friends and is surprised when they want to help. As Mei works with her family to pack everything, her friends show up to help and even her mom comments on how lucky she is to have them. With them at her side, it gives her the chance to have a more special goodbye to a place she loves.

A SPECIAL GOODBYE is an early chapter book that introduces early readers to life changes that may come their way and the importance of friendship. If it weren't for Mei's friends, saying goodbye to her family's flower shop would have been much more difficult. The illustrations are simple enough to match the text but not take away from the words. It allows children to focus on developing their reading skills. In the back of the book, there's an activity for children to stimulate a child's mind by getting them to think about certain life situations.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to early readers who may be going through a hard time or even to teach them that sometimes things happen that you can't change. The words are simple enough for them to practice their reading skills.
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