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Aunty Jo and the Baudelaire Children
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Reader reviewed by Ellery

The Baudelaire children are taken to live with their once adventurous, but now timid aunt Josephine.  She lives on the hill in the town of Lake Lachrymose.  This lake is full of flesh eating leeches.  Uncle Ike was killed by these leeches, therefore, making Aunt Josephine less adventurous.   Aunt Josephine is forced into forging her dealth note.  Klaus, who knows that their Aunt Josephine loves grammar, notices that she misspelled some words in signifying to them that she is not dead, but that she is in hiding.  They find her in Cuddly Cove and take her back but end up getting caught by none other that Count Olaf.  He kills Aunt Josephine, by feeding her to the leeches.  The Baudelaires, once again, are on the run, trying to outwit the evil Count Olaf.
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