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Reader reviewed by Allyssa

The Wide Window is the third book of A Series of Unfortunate Events. In this book, Violet, Klaus and Sunny move in with their unknown, distant Aunt Josephine. Their Aunt Josephine is afraid of everything. She wouldn't use the heater, in case it were to explode. She doesn't stand near windows, in case she was to suddenly fall out of it. She won't even use the stove, and instead eats cold soup. The only thing that doesn't seem to bother her, is her house. Her house is located on the edge of a large cliff, hanging on for dear life. Although their aunt is weird and they don't seem to connect that well, they are cared for and loved once again. However, another set of unfortunate events pops up when they find out that a hurricane is heading their way. They decide to stock up on their food and head down the market. It's no surprise when Count Olaf is also at the market. This time Count Olaf is disguised poorly as a Captain. Despite the Baudelaire's warnings, Aunt Josephine becomes fond of him, and the unfortunate events begin once again...

I liked this book. To be honest, I liked the entire series. The thing I liked most about this book was how adventurous it was. Their aunt Josephine was afraid of everything, yet she lived in the edge of a cliff. And the Baudelaire children had to go into a lake full of leeches, trying to save their Aunt. (Keeping in mind that they were not ordinary leeches, they were man eating leeches). It definitely has a bit more action than the other two books have. If you read the other two books in this series, you will not be disappointed with this next book.
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