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Lake Lachrymose leeches
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Next stop for the Baudelaire children is their Aunt Josephines place in which they had to cross Lake Lachrymose by a Fickle Ferry. Once they find out that Aunt Josephine is both a worrywart and a grammar queen. They also learned almost immediately that her husband Ike when he took a swim after only forty-five minutes after eating when she told him to wait an hour, so the Lachrymose leeches attacked him because they smelled food on him. They also learn that Lachrymose leeches are different from most leeches because they have 6 rows of very sharp teeth and one nose that can smell the tiniest amount of food from far away. It just about kills her to have to make so much mistakes. Thats when they know that her suicide note was fake circumstantial evidence leading everyone to at first belive she has killed herself because she was forced to by Captain Sham or a.k.a. Count Olaf in disguise once again. She also wrote a letter saying the children would be live well if they were given to Captain Sham. Therefore Mr. Poe , Captain Sham, and the Baudelaire orphans were having lunch together, however Violet, Klaus, and Sunny needed to figure a solution to their problem. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are all allergic to peppermints. Mr. Poe so kindly offers them one again and again and again. Finally they decide to have some peppermints to get out of having lunch with them. in her suicide letter she writes to the children who she knows are very intelligent and would be able to decode the message. The message was Curdled Cave. In the end Aunt Josephine is eaten by the Lachrymose leeches.
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