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The Reptile Room
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In the second book of the series I still had a difficult time with the writing style. I want to like it, I understand that the book is targeted towards children and not adults. I just have a hard time believing that even children would have a difficult time with some of these words Snicket takes the effort to explain. And with every other bit of dialogue being a definition and someone angrily saying “I know what _____ means!” It can become a tiresome read.

But once again despite my disdain, the word disdain here means contempt, for the writing style of Lemony Snicket I find myself wanting the read the next book in the series and see where it takes the Baudelaire orphans. And I believe I will continue on with the series for now, but I feel that at some point the repetitive jokes and constant definitions will be too annoying. It’s a shame, behind those annoyances lies a great kids story.
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