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The Poor Miserable Baudelaires
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Reader reviewed by Nicki

Mr. Poe sends the children to Paltryville to work in a lumber mill. They continue to find misfortune following them on every corner. Count Olaf is thankfully not at the mill; however he is lurking at the eye doctors, dressed as a woman secretary. Someone could ask why would become a problem. Well, Klaus wears glasses, and has to wear them in the lumber mill to work there. In addition the eye doctor herself is a friend of Count Olaf. The eye doctor is actually a hypnotist and hypnotizes Klaus first because his glasses broke in the mill, and Violet and Sunny had to stay at the mill to work. The mills are very ironically named Lucky Smells Lumber Mill, which is a flat out lie. The place had damp smell when the windows open for quite sometime, however the windows never were open because there werent any windows at all. Cement walls and floors surrounded them; bunk beds filled the room, windows drawn on the cement walls. For super they got lumps of beef casserole, and chewing gum for lunch, same old same every day. Wanting to wake up to the smell of pancakes and bacon, the children woke up with a bang of pots to find Foreman Flacutono in front of them at the Lumbermill. The owner of the mill smokes and know matter what they never see his face. There probably only one person they feel at all happy to see is Phil an optimistic employee of Lucky Smells Lumber Mill. Foreman Flacutono is yet another friend of their Count Olaf.
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