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The Austere Academy audiobook review
This is my favorite of the series thus far. I love that Violet and Klaus get to have friends their own age. Plus, I love seeing the little bit of a crush thing start blossoming between Violet and Duncan.

The vice principal (did I miss the part where they said what happened to the regular principal?) was absolutely dreadful. And I'm pretty sure he was even more annoying in audio format because I had to hear him repeat everything in a high-pitched, super obnoxious voice.

This is the first time I really allowed myself to care for any character other than the Baudelaire's. When Duncan and Isadore were being dragged away at the end, I teared up a bit. They were wonderful friends to the Baudelaire's and nice kids besides. I don't recall any of the rest of the series, but I'm hoping they'll show up again, despite how unlikely it is.
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