A Pocket Full of Posies

A Pocket Full of Posies
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September 06, 2022
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Who will be the one to fall? In this terrifying spin on the old rhyme, a family moves to a seemingly perfect town only to discover that it is anything but normal.
The scent of the town engulfs Parker in its perfume the moment she enters the gates. So much so that she nearly forgets all about the life that she left behind and the best friend she abandoned. Coronation is a place where she and her parents can have a new start. And as soon as Parker gets there, its peacefulness puts her at ease. Everyone is nice. The tennis team immediately accepts her. Even the boys are easy to talk to. The only thing that she can’t quite understand is the town’s history―its devotion to the saint, Rosamund, who helped the original town settlers survive their first winter all those years ago.

But she isn’t the only skeptic. Whatever you do, hold on tight. Don’t fall down, the boy tells her frantically before the town’s yearly Spring Festival―thrown in Rosamund’s honor to encourage the harvest. But Parker can’t help it. The vibrant festival immediately draws her into the gardens, the rows of flowers, the food, the laughter. Linked together with the other girls, Parker finds herself spinning with the other girls, struggling to stay in sync. Tilting forward, it’s as if her balance has been taken from her.

Because Rosamund has been waiting. Parker has been chosen. Coronation’s next Rose Duchess has been crowned, destined to fulfill her role unless she can find a way to uncover the truth.

Ring around the rosie
For long ago the seed was sown.
A pocket full of posies
A sacrifice must be made.

Ashes, ashes
One must die for the town to survive.
We all fall down
The Rose Duchess must follow in her footsteps. Offering herself up to the flames.

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As an adult who reads Young Adult, I do try to go in with an open mind. This is one of those books. This is absolutely a book meant for Young Adults. With that in mind, I think this book is a great horror story for the intended audience. It's suspenseful the whole time through with the though, is this all really happening? There are some points that make implies it's in Parker's head but then is it? The pacing is fast and just dives right in. There isn't too much world building, or even character development, but rather a simple story about Parker's time in Coronation. Personally, I found it pretty predictable and in this case, that wasn't a bad thing. I think if it went in a different direction, the story wouldn't have worked.

Parker was a decent main character. Again, this is absolutely a young adult book. There were some instances that would have bothered me, if I let it. But I just reminded myself, if I were her and her age, what would I have done? And my answer, exactly the same thing. After abandoning her friend, she was afraid and I don't blame her. Then she gets the opportunity to run instead of facing her problems. Please tell me what teenagers wouldn't have taken that chance. And Coronation? A seemingly peaceful town that is welcoming, I don't blame Parker from going in with blinders on and clearly not seeing that this is a cult. The parents even poke fun at it but they should have been more onto it. However, I do like the ending and everything that Parker went through was very believable and perfect for the story.

Overall, A Pocket Full of Posies by Shawn Sarles might not be an adult horror book but it's not meant to be. This is a young adult horror book and does a great job for the intended audience. It was creepy and suspenseful with a fast moving plot. Parker was very predictable but in the situations she put herself in, it made sense. If you are a teenager looking for a good horror book, I'd definitely recommend you give this book a shot. If your an adult, I'd maybe look for something else. This book is meant for the intended audience and does a great job in fulfilling that role.
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