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A PERFECT WONDERFUL DAY WITH FRIENDS is a sweet picture book about friendship. Raccoon is bored and decides it is time to bake an apple cake. However, he's out of eggs. He knows that Fox has eggs, so he goes over to ask him. However, Fox is struggling to repair her roof, because she needs a ladder. Badger has a ladder, so they head over, but Badger is working on a crossword about honey. Bear knows about honey, so they set out to find Bear. On each step of the way, the animals think about how perfect it is while they are spending time with each other. They finish their day completing all the tasks before making apple cakes.

What I loved: This is such a sweet story about the magic of friendship. The book captures all the fun of simply spending time with those we are close with and going with the flow. This is a very soothing read with the animals going with the flow on each step of the way and finding happiness in shared experiences. They all ultimately have the goals of helping each other, and it's great to see how they end their day by making sure each of them gets the help they needed with shared tasks. The illustrations are colorful and lush, bringing each of their houses and personalities to life.

The amount of text on each page is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school readers. The pages turn as quickly as the reader would like, with several short ones to keep it moving quickly. Details in the images give children plenty to explore as they read.

Final verdict: A lovely story of friendship, A PERFECT WONDERFUL DAY WITH FRIENDS is a softly told and gentle picture book that will work well for young readers.
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