A Magic Evermore: Book One in the Mirri Langley Series

A Magic Evermore: Book One in the Mirri Langley Series
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January 15, 2023
 The magical world of Althord Loch is crumbling . . . at the hands of evil. Fifteen-year-old Mirri is struggling with the guilt of her father’s death . . . until she lands in front of a twisting staircase, in a land of forbidden magic.

 Evil rules this forest, and only one being can bring back the rightful ruler. Could a mere mortal be the one to awaken Avi? Could a 15-year-old girl hold the power to defeat the Panthera? As secrets come to light, and the dangerous journey presents itself, Mirri begins to question her place in this world. Meeting crazy druids, handsome centaurs, and Loofas are only part of the quest.

Can Mirri lead her friends on a journey through hell-storms, escape a Fangar, and guide the way over rushing waters? Join Mirri on the adventure of a lifetime—an adventure that teaches Mirri it’s not how much power you hold--it’s how much you believe in yourself.

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