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I actually really loved this book. It was a great standalone read and I really enjoyed reading it.

First off, I loved the main character Victoria Darling. I like how she stood for what she believed in, especially towards the end of the novel. I think she was a great, strong main character that embodied what women felt when trying to get the chance to vote and become more represented in society. I loved how passionate she was about her art and how she kept trying to do it, even when obstacles got in her way - whether it was her parents, her finance, or her fiance's parents. I liked how she kept going and she was a great main character.

I liked how descriptive this book was. When I started reading it, I immediately felt like I was right there with Victoria and that was awesome. The building of the setting in the book was good and it didn't get boring or hinder the pace of the plot very much. I think the author did a great job of really transporting you to London, 1909.

I loved the story of the suffragettes. The suffragettes were a big part of this story and I liked that. I really liked learning about the suffragettes while also enjoying the story at hand. The suffragettes were actually people and it was interesting learning what they went through so they could try and secure voting rights for women. I loved the characters involved with the suffragette movement. Victoria meets people who do art for the suffragette movement and people that risk their life to be put into jail for the suffragette movement and I really liked that aspect of the book.

I really liked the romance between Victoria and William, the working class man. I thought it was sweet and nice. I liked reading about their romance slowly blossoming while they run into each other in random spots or when William becomes her muse. I thought the romance was a strong part of the book, but I am glad that the author didn't make it the central focus of the plot.

I really liked the ending. I loved how Victoria started doing things she wanted and how she stopped worrying about what her parents thought because once she did that, she was much happier and I loved that. I think the book ended very strong and smart and I really loved the ending.
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