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A Constellation of Roses Review
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I will admit, I went into this book knowing nothing. The cover and title caught my attention, and I'm so glad I took the chance!

Right from the beginning the story drew me in with Trix's ability to manipulate shadows. Living on her own after her mother's disappearance and running from the group homes and foster families, Trix is barely getting by via stealing. When she's caught, instead of being charged and tried, she has the chance to go live with a long lost aunt and finish high school.

She goes to live with this new family--her aunt, grandmother, and cousin--and as she learns more about these relatives and the father she never knew, she begins to see that there is more to life and she really has the opportunity to start over. Not only do these relatives take her in with open arms, they also have special abilities.

Now, while there are these gifts, I would not categorize this book as fantasy. They're subtle and not a huge focus of the story. And it is the only fantasy element; there aren't even others with abilities.

A Constellation of Roses is a heartbreaking, beautiful story. The focus on family, friends, and moving on from one's past is executed so well. I love strong family ties in books. The author really showed what it's like to have both positive and troubled relationships, which is important in this genre. It gave the book a realistic and relatable quality, even for those who have never experienced the degree of hardships Trix faces.

I truly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!
Good Points
- Strong family relationships
- Intriguing from the beginning
- Relatable characters and situations
- Emotional story (in a good way)
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