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Summary : Virginia (Ginny) Blackstone is a seventeen year old teenage girl with a dead aunt. Her aunt died from an illness (not said in the book). She then receives 13 little blue envelopes from when her aunt was alive. Her aunt wrote, in those envelopes, steps on an incredible journey. From Britain, to Paris, to Greece, Amsterdam and more. Ginny meets Keith. They become kind of boyfriend and girlfriend.


My Opinion : This books from author Maureen Johnson was good. Not great, nor incredible, but good. I'm not much of a fan of books about adventures, but at least there was some romance. I like how Ginny was; her personality. Well, good book! I have heard there is a sequel and it's already on my to-read shelf.

Characters : Keith would be my favorite character of the book. I liked how he was introduced as a musical producer. And that Ginny gave him money, that he wondered why and began to know her better.

Ginny was a nice main character! I liked her energy and the way the thought. I like how timid she is around boys; I thought it was quite cute.

Aunt Peg looked a lot of fun! I don't know why I got that impression... right... she's eccentric!

Richard was a sweet guy and it didn't really impress me that he and Aunt Peg were dating, and married.

Of course, there are other characters... tons of them! Like Olivia, the lesbian girl who didn't tell her parents about her 'favoritism'. I didn't like that she didn't tell her parents; it's not a good example to set.

3.5/5 stars.
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