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Futuristic Tale

This story surprised me. Once I started reading, I wanted to know where this premise would take me. This book has so much to offer. There’s action, suspense, cool futuristic gadgets, and even some romance. All of this is set on Mars in the future. Retribution is the second book in The Pack series. I didn’t read the first book and at first had a hard time on understanding the motivation behind Shamira's revenge. Later though this question is answered.

Shamira is a complex seventeen-year-old of the future. She’s tough on the outside to those who follow her but has her sweet side too. She struggles with being close to others especially after she feels there is a plot to hurt not just her but the ones around her. Think a teen Nikita.

Action-packed sequences keep the reader following Shamira. And those futuristic gadgets are amazing. GPS watches that show locations in 3D; flat-metal looking discs that would make Spiderman jealous, and head gear that lets you communicate telepathically with others.

The romance between Shamira and Valen at first felt over the top but later I could understand the conflict between these two. Though I did wonder if a guy would keep coming back after being pushed off. But that’s just me.

The banter between Shamira and her family flowed great. The dialogue between them was punchy. This also helps readers get a glimpse of a side of Shamira that is hidden.

The descriptions of gaming hell, dream drugs, and a drug that is used to rehabilitate criminals really added to this story. Preston doesn't use unnecessary details but rather moves this story along with the action, dialogue, and a kick butt protagonist.

This is one of those stories that deserves a read.

Good Points
1. Intriguing premise
2. Action-packed writing
3. Cool futuristic gadgets
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