Write Reviews - Win Books!

Why should you write reviews on YABooksCentral.com and KidsBooksCentral.com?

To win awesome books, that's why! (And to voice your opinion on your favorite -- and not so favorite -- books. But that goes without saying, right?)

Back to the winning. There are THREE super easy ways to win books from YABC, and here they are, in no particular order:


#1 - Write reviews!

That's right. All you have to do is write a review and you're automatically entered into our monthly Bag O' Books Giveaway! The more reviews you write, the better your odds!

What do you win? First, you get this awesome YABC totebag! Which, you have to admit, is totes cool. Then you get to pick THREE books from the coveted YABC Shelf to fill your bag! If you win, I'll send you photos of the current YABC Shelf for you to peruse. Pick out the three books you want and they're yours. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. (See how excited I am that you won?)

totebag+   newphotoyabcshelf   =  B O' B!


#2 - Earn Points!

As a YABC Community Member, you earn points each time you interact with the site. Write a review? Earn 20 points! Enter a book into our database? Earn 15 points! Comment on someone's review? 5 points! Add someone as a friend? 5 points! Post a status update? POINTS!!

Each month, the Community Member with the most points gets to pick a book from the YABC Shelf. Yes, the same shelf behind me in that ridiculous photo above, which is always stacked to the BRIM with the latest young adult and middle grade books from your favorite publishers. 

You can check on your current points total on your profile page at any time. Here's what your points bar will look like:



If you enter a book into our database and your points don't show up immediately, don't worry! Your points will appear once the book has been approved by our staff. To speed things up, make sure you fill out the book listing form correctly and include a cover image of the book. (Missing info like release dates, ISBN numbers, or cover images will slow down the process.) Make sure to do a search for the book first! If you enter a book that is already in our system, you will not earn points for that listing entry. We don't want to take up your valuable time entering a book if it's already in our database. 

You can watch your progress on the Points Leaderboard, which is located at the bottom right of every page. It looks like this --->

If you're just starting out on YABC, don't feel discouraged if you are behind in points. If you don't win this month, there's always next month!


The Top YABC Community Member can reign supreme for an unlimited number of months. That means if you're #1 for two, five, ten months in a row, you win a book EVERY MONTH!  

That also means other members might be gunning for your spot. So come back often, write reviews, and win books!


#3 - Enter our Monthly Giveaways!

Every month we host amazing giveaways with prizes from your favorite publishers and authors. Make sure you come back each month and enter! Just fill out the entry form and you're done. We'll contact you if you win.


The fine print:

  • Remember, YABC is a fun-loving community with a positive vibe. If you don't win this month, there's always next month. Everyone has an equal opportunity to win, so no complaining if it isn't your lucky day.
  • You are always welcome to write a negative review if you don't like a certain book, but flaming reviews that attack authors or give away too many spoilers may be deleted at our discretion.
  • Reviews must have some merit to be eligible for our giveaways. Simply saying, "I liked it!" isn't enough.
  • Every giveaway is 100% legit. Winners are chosen randomly using Random.org.
  • Your privacy is very important to us -- we will NEVER sell your info. It will only be used to contact you in the event of winning. We will not add you to a mailing list or newsletter without your consent. Your address will only be used to mail prizes to you.
  • Winning the Bag O' Books and Top Community Member spot are open to international readers. Monthly giveaways hosted by publishers and authors are US only unless otherwise specified. 
  • If you win a book from YABC, we'd love it if you wrote a review of it, tweeted about it, or posted about it on Facebook. That would be BOSS. :)


Good luck! 

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