YABC WINS Best Book Blog in the Eighth Annual UTOPiA Awards!!


It’s time to announce the winners in the Eighth Annual UTOPiA Awards.

But first I have to say a huge thank you to the members of the UTOPiAcon Academy, which is almost 1,000-members strong, who nominated their peers and associates this year. We had the highest number of nominations ever received. I’m talking 51 pages of nominees to go through to narrow down to a maximum of seven final nominees in respective categories that then go to the public voting round.

It was staggering, and a true testament to how this community really feels about each other. It was clearly an honor for members to recognize those they respect and admire, and it showed. This speaks louder than any drama of the week. You love what you do, you love this community of writers, editors, bloggers, readers, designers, and more. You show up for yourselves and each other.

We also surpassed last year’s public votes tally! So, a huge thank you to the fans and readers who voted, shared, and participated in the awards outcome this year.

There is no live awards celebration this year, but stay tuned, because the UTOPiA 2021 event in Nashville is in planning mode, and we have over 30 authors already signed up to participate!

While there can only be one winner in each category, my personal congratulations go to all those nominated, and to all of you out there who are leading your dreams.

Without further ado…Drumroll please….




Eighth Annual UTOPiA Award Winners 2019


Best Sci-Fi/Dystopian Book
TRAITOR BORN by Amy A. Bartol


Best Paranormal Book 


Best Fantasy Book
ELEMENTAL WITCH by Shannon Mayer


Best Contemporary Book
COVET by Ella James


Best Short Story/Novella 
GYPSY HEART by Randi Cooley Wilson


Best Mystery/Suspense Book
VERITY by Colleen Hoover


Best Middle Grade Book


Best Audiobook
HELLION by Karen Lynch; narrated by Erin Mallon, Zachary Webber


Best Anthology 
THE MONSTER BALL: A Paranormal Anthology by Heather Hildenbrand, Randi Cooley Wilson, Nikki Jefford, J.L. Weil, Jane Washington, Melissa Haag, Stacey Marie Brown, Jennifer Snyder, Alyssa Rose Ivy, Raye Wagner, Desni Dantone


Best Serial Series
DRAGON SCHOOL by Sarah K.L. Wilson


Best Book Hangover
THE WICKED KING by Holly Black


Best Debut Novel
THE RULE OF ONE by Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders


Best Supernatural Book Cover
QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS by Cassandra Clare; Margaret K. McElderry Books


Best Contemporary Book Cover
IF by Randi Cooley Wilson; cover design by Hang Le


Best Book Trailer
HIGH STAKES by Casey L. Bond; produced by The Illustrated Author Design Services


Best Book Editing
TRAITOR BORN by Amy A. Bartol; Edited by Jason Kirk at 47North


Best Interior Book Design
BRUTAL CURSE by Casey L. Bond; Melissa Stevens of The Illustrated Author Design Services


Best Contemporary Lead
Lana Peri in THE CURSED SERIES PARTS 1 & 2 by Rebecca Donovan


Best Supernatural Lead
Roselle St. Sismode in TRAITOR BORN by Amy A. Bartol


Best Villain
Agent Crow in TRAITOR BORN by Amy A. Bartol


Hottest Couple
Francesca and Wolfe in THE KISS THIEF by L.J. Shen


Best BFF
Shea in FALLEN ACADEMY by Leia Stone


Best Quote or Highlight
“For every light, there was a shadow, for every dream, a nightmare.”
DREAM KEEPER by Amber R. Duell


Best Bookstagrammer


Best Book Blog
YA Books Central


Best Book-to-Screen Adaptation
UMBRELLA ACADEMY; series by Gerard Way


Best Supernatural Series


Best Contemporary Series
BLINDED LOVE series by Stacey Marie Brown


UTOPiAN of the Year
Alessandra Torre


Book of the Year
TRAITOR BORN by Amy A. Bartol


Author of the Year
Leia Stone





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