YABC Scavenger Hunt: Emerge: The Captive (Melissa A. Craven), Plus Excerpt & Giveaway!

YABC Scavenger Hunt: Emerge: The Captive (Melissa A. Craven), Plus Excerpt & Giveaway!

Today we're excited to share Melissa A. Craven's excerpt from her new novel, Emerge: The Captive as part of the YABC Scavenger Hunt! Read on for more about Melissa A. Craven and her novel!

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Meet Melissa A. Craven!

MELISSA A. CRAVEN writes Young Adult Urban Fantasy with crossover appeal to other genres and audiences of all ages. She believes in stories that make you think and she loves playing with foreshadowing, leaving clues and hints for the careful reader. 

She draws inspiration from her background in architecture and interior design to help her with the small details in world building and scene settings. (Her degree in fine art also comes in handy.)

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Meet Emerge: The Captive!

(Emerge Book 3)

A moment of distraction has cost him his freedom but

Quinnton Loukas has a dangerous secret

Held as a captive of the Immortal organization, known as Soma, if his secret is discovered it will be used against him. From the moment of his Awakening, Quinn has struggled with an addiction to his power. The rigid self-control that has kept his addiction at bay is now in the hands of another. If Livia discovers what he is capable of, she will drive him to become the monster he fears is lurking deep inside his soul. His only hope is to escape before she has that chance. But there are others at Soma. Those he’s grown to care for and refuses to leave behind.


Thousands of miles away in India, Sasha blames herself for the capture of the boy she’s loved nearly all her life. As she and her family work to find a way to bring Quinn home, Sasha is caught up on a journey of her own that will take her far from everything she ever thought she wanted. Drafted by the Senate into a brutal training program, Sasha begins to discover who she truly is and how little control she has over her own destiny.


Sasha and Quinn have always shared a special bond, but with their lives moving in opposite directions can they ever go back to the way they were?


Or is there something much more complicated about the future of their relationship?


~ About the Emerge Series ~ 

Greetings YABCers!

I'm so excited to introduce my new release, Emerge: The Captive (August 28th) and for the opportunity to share my Emerge series with you. If you love unpredictable stories, Immortal characters with ancient pasts, ominous prophecies, strong female protagonists and the guys who love them, then you'll definitely enjoy Emerge. 

Be sure to enter my giveaway for Emerge: The Awakening and the Short Story, Emerge: The Volunteer and head over to my website to grab your free copy of Emerge: The Scholar to learn everything you need to know about the Immortal world. And look for my upcoming box set, Marked by Fate, coming in October! 20+ Young Adult  Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels in one place and best of all, you can preorder it here for just .99c!

While Emerge: The Awakening and Emerge: The Judgment are focused on Allie Carmichael's story, The Captive is Quinn and Sasha's book. Until now, I've shared very little of what fans can expect from Sasha's side of the story. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek excerpt into her journey!

~ Excerpt ~

Emerge: The Captive

Sasha watched the landscape roll by, lost in the turmoil of her thoughts. This country was so beautifully ancient. She could feel the history in her bones. She might not have been born of her mother’s body, but Naeemah’s lineage was still rooted in her blood through the bond that made them mother and daughter. This was her mother’s country.

Sasha prided herself on her ability to rise to any occasion and bend circumstances to her will, but she was losing her confidence. Each time life threw a curveball at her lately she just fell apart.

She sat quietly beside her sister in the back of the large black SUV. They arrived at a rural airport in Tamil Nadu in the early afternoon and were traveling to some remote temple of rural southern India. As they neared the Nigiri hills, a fertile valley rich in vegetation, lying between the Eastern and Western Ghat mountains, Jayesh slowed the vehicle to turn onto a winding path through the foothills.

“We’re nearly there,” Imogen whispered. She’d been quiet and tense in the hours since they left their family in Agra.

“When did you train here?” Sasha asked.

“Another lifetime.” Imogen smiled. “It is not a bad place. There are things about the Mother and the Chola valley temple. Things I cannot tell you until we are there. It will be difficult. You will suffer. But you will find good in what the Mother can teach you. She is hard, but she is also kind.”

“We hike the rest of the way,” Jayesh announced, pulling the SUV to the side of the road.

Sasha grabbed her duffle bag, careful to keep her concealed bow secured by the handles. With a deep sigh, she followed Imogen and Jayesh into the rolling hills of the fertile valley. Steps rose along the hillside, following a path that led to the higher hills and mountains in the distance.

The sun was high in the sky as Sasha stepped up one crumbling stair after another. Her brow beaded with sweat and her heart hammered in anticipation. After hours of hiking with her somber companions, she couldn’t take the silence anymore. “You know, your tension isn’t really giving me the warm fuzzies about where we’re going,” Sasha said as they crested yet another hilltop. But this one was different from all the others lying behind them. An ancient, crumbling pavilion shielded them from the setting sun, offering a respite from the heat under its shade. The mosaic floor was weathered and worn, but the colored tiles were still visible. Bright blues and greens with warm yellows and reds painted a linear path, like a threshold at the center of the pavilion. The way Jayesh and Imogen stood on one side of the mosaic line made Sasha think it really was a threshold. That once they crossed it, there would be no turning back.

“What is the significance of this place?” Sasha asked in a more reverent tone.

“The Chola valley. This place. This experience. It will change you,” Jayesh said, his tone softer for once as his mind drifted to some past memory. With a deep breath, he took a step forward—his eyes closed and a grimace on his face. 

“It’s time, sister. I am so sorry for this. All of this,” Imogen whispered as she took Sasha’s hand and stepped across the threshold to the Chola Valley below.

~ ~ ~

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Emerge: The Awakening (Book 1)

Emerge: The Volunteer (An Emerge Short Story) 

By: Melissa A. Craven

Released: April 2015

Publisher: Midnight Hour Studio


One winner will receive a copy of Emerge: The Awakening (Melissa A. Craven) and Emerge: The Volunteer ~ (US only)

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