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Bookstagrammer of the Month: @TheBooksBuzz

Bookstagrammer of the Month: @TheBooksBuzz

Welcome to our  new monthly special feature post, Bookstagrammer Of The Month!

Each month we will be interviewing a different Bookstagrammer  (Book lover/photographer on Instagram) who will share with us a bit of their experience about the Bookstagram community!

Introducing Alexandria of @TheBooksBuzz, YABC's Bookstagrammer of the Month!!



I'm Alex, a 16-year-old booktuber, book blogger and bookstagrammer. Living in the pages of books and fantastical worlds is nice and all, but my heart also lies in the world of marine biology and conservation. 


YABC: How long have you been part of the Bookstagram community?

 For more than 2 years now I've been apart of the bookstagram community but it wasn't till a year and a half a go that I started taking photos of my own. 

YABC: Can you tell us a bit about your feed/style and how has it changed over time?

While gathering inspiration from other accounts to choose a feed/theme for myself, I saw that a lot of people chose this dark or almost sullen look with dark tones and shadows. I knew then straight away that I wanted to do something with a lot more color and almost this bright, washed out look. My feed reflects the many things that I love - the summertime, the color blue and selfies with books. My feed is very personal to myself as I always try to incorporate my face from time to time. As for how it has changed over time, I definitely think I have used more props now than I did before. 

YABC: What is the silliest thing you've ever done for the sake of a photo?

The silliest or most dangerous thing I've ever done was light a piece of paper on fire with one of the bookish candles I owned. Why was this silly? In retrospect, if I had known that the paper would have caught of fire as fast as it did, I would have never done it in the first place. But alas, the paper caught way too fast for me to get a picture in the first attempts and I almost burned my fingers! It was worth it, though, because the picture came out just the way I wanted it too in the end! 

YABC: When do you make time for taking photos? Do you usually plan ahead or take photos as you go (daily)?

Now that the sun is up later throughout the day, I can take photos when I come home on the weekdays. I used to only be able to take pictures over the weekends. That was quite annoying! When I'm out, I always carry a little notebook to jot down any ideas I have for photos. I usually gather most inspiration from nature. 

YABC: What type of camera do you use?

I use a Canon EOS RebelT6i to take my photos. 

YABC: What are some of your favorite props (besides books, of course ;)?

I'm going to cheat and tell you my two favorite props- socks and fairy lights. Both are hard to work with but really bring out my creative side. Plus, I always like a challenge. 


YABC: Which of your photos is your absolute favorite?

Hardest question ever! I think my favorite photo is the Harry Potter one I took a while back. It's actually my sister's hand in the air. This is definitely one of my favorites because it was my first time actually using photoshop. Yeah, the Harry Potter book is photoshopped into the photo! It took a lot of time and a lot of do-overs but it was worth it! 

YABC: What is the thing you love most about Bookstagramming?

Aside from all the people that I've met and the friends I have made, the best part of bookstagram is the opportunities I've had through this platform. In all truth, Bookstagram is just another platform for promotion. Even though I don't see it that way, that's just the reality of social media platforms such as Instagram. As I've built up my following, I've had the opportunity to work with publishing companies and small businesses. I think that's the most amazing thing ever! To be able to work with the publishers and the businesses you support and know that you're helping them is the best feeling in the world. 

YABC: What are a few of your favorite Bookstagram accounts?

My favorites are (but not limited to): @readsleepfangirl, @pollyandbooks, @areaderunderthesea, @theravenqueeen, @bookotter, @foldedpagesdistillery, @alittlebookworld 

YABC: Do you have any tips for new Bookstagram accounts that you wish you knew when you started?

One tip I would impose on any new bookstagrammers is to have patience. I know it can be hard to find your feed/theme when you first start out. In the beginning, I was so adamant on finding a theme and establishing my feed that I often copied others. After a while of doing that, I realized that my feed wasn't true to myself or the things I liked. Trust me when I tell you that it took more than a few months to get this whole thing down, but it was totally worth it. In the beginning, don't be concerned about the follower count. At the end of the day it's just a number. 

Thank you for having me! 
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