Bookstagrammer of the Month: Stacee of @Book_Junkee

Bookstagrammer of the Month: Stacee of @Book_Junkee

Welcome to our  new monthly special feature post, Bookstagrammer Of The Month!

Each month we will be interviewing a different Bookstagrammer  (Book lover/photographer on Instagram) who will share with us a bit of their experience about the Bookstagram community!


Introducing Stacee of @Book Junkee, YABC's Bookstagrammer of the Month!!


Bibliophile. Slytherin. London lover. MINI driver. I collect book boyfriends, read the last page first, fangirl like a MFer, and swear way too much.

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YABC: How long have you been part of the Bookstagram community?

In July it'll be 2 years since I've had a dedicated bookstagram account. I used to post all sorts of things, but I opened up a personal account to share photos of author events, Disneyland, and things like SDCC.

YABC: Can you tell us a bit about your feed/style and how has it changed over time?

I like more of a minimalistic look, so I try to keep the props to a minimum and the focus on whatever book/series I'm featuring. I have become a bit of a hoarder when it comes to awesome things I want to add to photos, so sometimes it's a struggle.

As for the style, I did try several different backgrounds and filters before I found a set up I really loved.

YABC: What is the silliest thing you've ever done for the sake of a photo?

I take my photos outside on my balcony, so my neighbors constantly see me having photo shoots. To get the claw hand Lila Bard arm photo, I was standing up against my closed patio door with a selfie stick, while holding up the background with my shoulders and contorting my body in a strange position to get the shot I wanted. It was early morning, I was still in my pjs, and I'm sure my hair was a mess. When I was done, I saw there was a few people staring up at me. I regret nothing.

YABC: When do you make time for taking photos? Do you usually plan ahead or take photos as you go (daily)?

Because I have horrible natural light in my apartment, I take my photos on the weekend. Sometimes I'll take a couple randomly during the week, depending on when I get home from work or if I've gotten book mail. I only take one photo for each book set up, so I usually make a list of general ideas to have some sort of direction when the window of good lighting happens. But then sometimes, I'll just stare at my chaotic bookshelves and something will come to mind. There really isn't any sort of rhyme or reason. :D


YABC: What type of camera do you use?

I do everything on my iPhone 7. I take the photos in ProShot and edit in Snapseed and VSCO. I have a nice camera, but I prefer to do everything on my phone. Going back and forth between camera, computer, phone seems like a lot of work.


YABC:  What are some of your favorite props (besides books, of course ;) )?

Most of my props come from the $1 section at Target. They have the most random and awesome things. I have a set of plastic light up stars and wooden arrows that I love, but I use a lot of stationary things {markers/pens, post-its, notebooks} and I've recently become obsessed with serving trays.

YABC: Which of your photos is your absolute favorite and why?

I am really proud of the photos that showcase two of my bookish tattoos. As I said above, the Lila photo was difficult for me to take, but the Nina photo was so so so easy, it was the first shot.

YABC: What is the thing you love most about Bookstagramming?

I love seeing the creativity. Even if everyone is taking photos of the exact same book, there won't be two photos that look the same.


YABC: What are a few of your favorite Bookstagram accounts?

Rachel at @beautyandthebookshelf
Ursula at @ursula_uriarte
Cait at @pagewithaview
Abi at @thesqueakycupboard
Charlotte at @booksandteacups
Erin at @thedogearedpage
Brittney at @herbookishthings
Eri at @literary.eri
Maria at @booksugar

I could easily name a million more.

YABC: Do you have any tips for new Bookstagram accounts that you wish you knew when you started?

In the beginning, I struggled with constantly comparing my feed to others, but I think I've gotten over that. I'm a firm believer in do what makes you happy and it definitely applies here. Curate a feed that you love and keep your eyes on your own paper. We're a huge community, but we are all here because we all love books. No one can take the photos that you see in your head, so don't waste it.






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Stacee on Wednesday, 17 May 2017 11:23

Thank you for having me!! This was a lot of fun to do.

Thank you for having me!! This was a lot of fun to do. :D

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